Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

“There is one body and one Spirit..One God and Father of all” Ephesians 4:4,6”

This is a beautiful piece of scripture and one that comes to mind on days like Loreto Day. Today has been magnificent for the community to come together as one, to celebrate and raise awareness for the House of Welcome. During the term, Year 11 have raised awareness of the work provided by the House of Welcome – they exist to support, empower and welcome refugees and asylum seekers into Australia, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion. They provide access to services including food, water and shelter as well as nurturing hope, advocating for justice and promoting self-reliance. Each week, the Communications Team has written to the community about a particular aspect of their work. We are well informed about the social issues that exist in Australia about asylum seekers and refugees. Loreto Day is about building hope and optimism in many people’s lives and is an incredible opportunity for Year 11 students to take ownership. As you can imagine there is much planning and behind the scenes work to coordinate Loreto Day.

The day commenced with a beautiful liturgy, presided over by Father Michael Stoney SJ and lead by Year 11 students in collaboration with Ms McCullough. It was a time to pause and reflect upon the importance of caring for others and showing love to all, while celebrating our school and its values. The music and singing filled the gymnasium and reminded us of Mary Ward’s words to: “Acknowledge vulnerability and fragility and turn to Jesus knowing that all we need we will find in him.” The Mass was a time of reflection, contemplation and anticipation of the day ahead.

From here the day moved into an array of vibrant House stalls. Staff and students were joined by our friends from St Edmund’s and St Lucy’s. The stalls were jam packed with food, games, dancing and much laughter and cheer. The anticipated concert was a perfect way to end Loreto Day. We were joined by talented students and a memorable drumming performance from the children from St Edmund’s. The concert had the perfect blend of comedy, dance and song across all years and was very entertaining. Loreto Day is successful because Year 11 work together to engender a sense of connection, hope and camaraderie in everyone. Be proud of your daughters because it is through days such as this that we see the magic of a Loreto education. One that shapes their social conscience and calls them to service and social justice.

Loreto Day Auction Site

Year 11 are excited to launch the Loreto Day Auction site. You can access it from this link

We have been overwhelmed by the sense of generosity that exists in the school community. Thank you for contributing to the auction site. Happy bidding and enjoy perusing the prizes on offer.


Conversations this week:

Year 12

Mission Conversation with Mrs Parker

Year 11

Loreto Day Preparation with Ms McCullough and Mr Madigan

Year 10

Young People and the Law Presentation with Constable Hart and Mrs Long

Year 9

ICT Conversation with Mr Pluss

Year 8

In Conversation with Advisors 

Year 7

In Conversation with Advisors


Upcoming Events  – Term 2

Years  5-12

Safe on Social Media Presentations

Tuesday 5 June & Wednesday 6 June


Safe on Social Media Presentation – 6:00 – 7:00pm

Wednesday 6 June

All Years

Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 12 June



Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care