Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Year of Justice

We are well and truly into the swing of Term 2 and it is hard to believe that next Friday is Loreto Day. Our Year 11 students are busy putting the finishing touches on what will be a spectacular day of community and continued awareness-raising for House of Welcome. It is wonderful to see the various teams working together to produce the magic that is Loreto Day. As we move into the final week of preparations can I ask for your support in purchasing the raffle tickets as there are some amazing prizes on offer. We look forward to sharing more about the day next week.

Last week, two students in Year 11 attended the Young Women’s Leadership Seminar at Parliament House and I am sure you will enjoy Tamsyn and Imogen’s report on their experience. It is opportunities such as these that lay solid foundations for our students in the leadership domain of school life. All students can develop their leadership skills and I encourage you to speak to your daughter about how she can develop this invaluable life-long skill.


Young Women’s Leadership Experience

“On the 17th of May, we had the amazing opportunity to join girls from across Sydney at the Young Women’s Leadership Seminar at Sydney Parliament House.

Firstly, we listened to keynote speaker, Ms Jess Scully, an Arts Curator who became a Councillor for the City of Sydney. Ms Scully told us about her experience as a woman in Local Government, primarily her growth into the role as a leader in government, from the young, hesitant girl she once was – a little like how we feel sometimes. She inspired us with her story of growing up with a mash of culture and being so distracted by her passion for amateur journalism that she forgot to register for her final year at university. Despite never finishing her degree in Journalism and Law, Ms Scully told us that chasing her goals and passions allowed her to be employable in the creative industries and eventually landed her the position of Councillor. We reflected that our career journey will be varied and that we need to be open to any possibility.

After this, we sat in on two sessions of the NSW Parliament Legislative Assembly and Council, where we were welcomed by the President, and listened to women present their opinions on particular issues. While it was disappointing to see the relatively small number of women represented in State Parliament, it was encouraging to see how proudly those few represent us. We were fortunate (and this was our favourite part) to have a Q&A panel with other female Parliament representatives, who shared their experiences, specifically as women in their roles. Trish Doyle (member for the Blue Mountains), Jenny Leong (member for Newtown) and Felicity Wilson (member for the North Shore) shared their experiences on how they became the representatives of their areas and how they embraced setbacks along the way to keep going no matter what. This experience allowed us to witness first-hand the amazing role models that we are fortunate to have in our NSW Parliament system, and showed that despite the low number of women represented in the political arena, that success is both possible and necessary to survive in the demanding world of politics.”

Tamsyn Coetzee, Year 11 and Imogen Whitnall, Year 11 


Parent Forum Thank You

It was wonderful to have so many parents join us for our parent forum ‘Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs 2018: How much influence do parents really have?’  with Paul Dillon last Monday evening. Paul offered valuable insights to current research on some very positive cultural shifts in the number of young people drinking alcohol. He also provided stimulating evidence on the impact of alcohol on the teenage brain. His suggested strategies for parents were practical and useful and will no doubt assist in supporting parents as they navigate the joys and complexities of parenting adolescents.

Paul has provided us with the online version of his presentation. Please note, due to copyright there are some variations to what was presented on the evening. If you were unable to attend, I encourage you to peruse the material in this presentation. Click on this link for the presentation

Conversations this week:

Year 12 Tutor Conversations
Year 11 Follow-up Conversation with Mrs Cranfield
Year 10 Follow-up Conversation with Mrs Parker about Paul Dillon’s presentation
Year 9 Extra-Curricular Conversation with Mrs Woods
Year 8 In Conversations with Advisors
Year 7 In Conversations with Advisors

Upcoming Events  – Term 2

Years  5-12 Safe on Social Media Presentations Tuesday 5 June & Wednesday 6 June
Parents Safe on Social Media Presentation – 6:00 – 7:00pm Wednesday 6 June
All Years Loreto Day Friday 1 June


I wish you and your daughters continued success throughout the term. Please feel free to contact me via   email  if you have any questions about Loreto Day or any concerns in general.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care