Pastoral Care

In partnership with parents

As a learning community we value the strong partnership we share between family and school and the different ways we work together to support your daughters. Parental engagement plays an important role in student learning and wellbeing. It consists of raising awareness of the benefits of partnerships between families and schools and involves equipping parents with skills to become more engaged.

Formal education is one of the many ways children learn and develop. However, parents also play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home by linking what is learnt at school, with what happens elsewhere. By facilitating diverse learning experiences and conversations outside school, parents become an important factor in a child’s overall education and growth. Research has shown that greater parental engagement has a positive impact on student achievement and development including:

  • greater engagement in school work;
  • greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning;
  • better social skills; and
  • improved behaviour (Epstein, 2015)

Loreto Normanhurst provides many opportunities for engagement in collaborative partnerships between student, parent and teacher. The Academic Plenary sessions are a prime example of this. The student led conversations at these evenings are impressive and help to build independence and confidence in our young women. Parent forums and information sessions are also pivotal in enhancing parent education on topical issues. I urge you to take advantage of the upcoming offerings provided to the parent community in order to be able to better navigate the adolescent world with your daughter. We have two important parent forums coming up:

Teenagers and alcohol, presented by Paul Dillon on Monday 21 May from 7:00-8:00pm. Please register your attendance via   the Trybooking link.

Safe on Social Media, presented by Kirra Pendergast on Wednesday 6 June from 6:00-7:00pm. Please register your attendance via the Trybooking link.

As previously advised, Years 10 -12 students will participate in a workshop with Paul Dillon on Monday 21 May and all students in Years 5-12 will hear from Kirra Pendergast on 5 and 6 June.


Netflix Season Two

I wish to draw your attention to the release of Season Two of the Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’, launching today. You may recall the controversial release of Season One in 2017. The difficult themes depicted in this series caught the attention of many young people and generated a great deal of discussion and concern for parents, schools and health professionals. Some health professionals fear this will trigger a repeat spike in suicidal ideation in young people and advise that active parent supervision and informed conversations are needed between young people and parents. You might find the Headspace media release and the information in this article useful.

To ensure viewers and the wider community are safe and informed about the series’ difficult content, Headspace and Netflix have collaborated to provide helpful resources that aim to educate and keep young people safe. The material is informative and provides specific advice to young people about watching the show safely. It also offers suggestions for parents on how to respond appropriately and spur productive discussion around the themes presented.

Three tailored resources have been created to reach as many people as possible and include:

  1. Tips on how to safely watch the show.
  2. How young people can look after themselves.
  3. How to have helpful conversations with friends and families.

These resources can be accessed through Information: Netflix 13 Reasons Why. This site will be launched after 5pm on Friday 18 May.

I urge you to peruse the information in the links provided in order to increase your understanding of the themes and issues that will be raised in the Season Two series.  It will assist you in facilitating discussion and conversations with your daughter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting your daughter’s Head of House or a member of the Counselling Team.


Mrs Lynn Long

Director of Pastoral Care



Conversations this week:

Year 12 Immersions Conversation with Mr Merchant
Year 11 Tutor Conversations
Year 10 ACT Excursion
Year 9 Learning Conversation with Ms Bateman and Mme Martin
Year 8 Healthy Minds with Mr Lennon
Year 7 In Conversation with Year 7 Team

Upcoming Events  – Term 2

Years 10 – 12 Paul Dillon Presentations Monday 21 May
Parents Paul Dillon Parent Presentation in the Curran Monday 21 May, 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Year 10 Vaccinations Tuesday 22 May
All Years Loreto Day Friday 1 June