Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care


 An information evening on the Far North Queensland Experience will be held for Year 9 Parents on Friday 13 May at 7.00 pm in the Curran Theatre. 

This is a worthwhile evening for all parents.  The trip to Queensland will be explained in full and all queries will be addressed.


HeForShe Event at Wenona – Year 11

On Friday, we attended the HeForShe Champions of Change Conference held at Wenona. It was an enriching experience in which we were given the opportunity to listen to a panel of admirable speakers who were all passionate about creating awareness of gender equality, something that not only affects women, but also men.

One of the speakers, Elizabeth Broderick, emphasized that the definition of feminism is not to be anti-men, but it was simply the belief that individuals should be given the right to equal opportunities regardless of gender. She then revealed many shocking statistics including that the gender pay gap is 17.3%, which made us realise the need to begin creating awareness about the issue among our friends and family. The speakers made a point to remind us that by simply talking about the issue with the people around us, we would make such a positive difference, and spark change in the community which would have a ripple effect. It was impressive to see how involved other students were despite their young age.

We were then split up into groups made up of people from different schools, both male and female, and allocated specific issues to discuss, such as domestic violence, gender inequality in sport and the workplace, and gender stereotypes. We all had such exciting discussions in which we were given a voice and allowed to use our teamwork skills to work with others to brainstorm strategies which would help combat our specific issue of gender inequality. The other students had very insightful contributions to make and we learned so much from having a discussion with them. Overall, it was a very interesting night that opened our eyes, leaving us motivated to learn more about gender equality and inspired to start taking action. Special thanks to Mrs Vink and Ms Tomagra for allowing us to experience such an extraordinary event!

Ysabel Say, Katherine Macken and Annie Clarke, Year 11


‘Make a Difference Day’ at NSW Parliament House – Year 10

On Monday 4 April we were lucky enough to attend ‘Make a Difference Day’ at NSW Parliament House along with other Year 10 students from schools in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Firstly, we gathered in the theatrette to listen to three members of Parliament including; David Shoebridge Member of the Greens Party, Linda Burney Member for Canterbury (Labor Party) and Matt Keen Member for Hornsby (Liberal Party). They all spoke about their roles in the community and what it means to make a difference in today’s society. They addressed us on issues involving acknowledging the country, mental health in youth and same-sex marriage.

We were then placed in smaller groups to discuss these issues in greater depth and debate our opinions on popular topics such as domestic violence, climate change, equality and treatment of refugees. We also discussed what a democracy is and whether we thought the voting age should be lowered to 16 years of age. This was a very controversial topic, which many students had mixed or different opinions about. Our group came to the conclusion that the vote for 16/17 year olds should be voluntary and that compulsory voting should still remain as being compulsory for when a person turns 18 years of age. 

After the group discussions we gathered in the Legislative Assembly for a brief background of the History of Parliament House and a reporting back of what each group had discussed.  

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the day as it was very informative and we were able to learn a lot about our generation and how we can overcome these issues to make a positive difference in our communities. We also found it very interesting to listen to other young people’s opinions and ideas on different topics and how they are both similar and different from our own.

Lucy Beer and Amy Dalton,  Year 10


Secrets To Our Children’s Academic Success

Posted on March 24, 2016 by Shridevi

Did you know that if you want your children to succeed at school, simply telling them about your high expectations can have a positive impact on their academic achievement?

Students who achieve highly generally come from homes where parents expect that their children will “get off their butts, work hard, and do well at school.” In fact, this idea is nearly beyond question. When it comes to our children’s school results, our expectations are critical.

So will harassing our 9 year-old about his NAPLAN score, or our 17 year-old about her HSC preparation get the job done?

Will high expectations translate into high academic outcomes? Is “tiger-parenting” the way to go?

Too high expectations lead to poor results!

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