Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Year of Freedom

Loreto Schools Australia Committee (LSAC) Student Conference Update

Last week when I wrote to families, the Captains and Vice Captains of the school and Boarding School were participating in the annual LSAC Student Conference. This week’s Pastoral newsletter article is a chance for the community to learn more about their weekend. I am sure you will enjoy reading about their experiences and the photos in the gallery that capture their time away.

On the first day of the conference we heard from our beloved Sister Libby Rogerson IBVM who inspired us with a challenge to become “myth busters”, to take the lead in the area of social media. She challenged us to be proactive in the use of technology and to use it for the very best. We heard about the plight of domestic workers and the call to protect the environment. Sister Libby challenged us to watch the film, ‘Blue’ and to move our leadership into the transformational.

Tori Anderson’s presentation from Mary Ward International Australia challenged us about the need to work for a more humane, just and sustainable world. Mary Ward International Australia calls on its network of friends to make a concerted effort to proactively tackle global inequality and poverty, by promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which came into action on 1 January 2016. We were quickly understanding through these presentations and stories that in our privileged leadership positions we need to advocate for change in a world that needs it.

At the end of the first day, we departed Loreto Toorak for Ballarat. We hit the ground running on day two with an inspiring presentation by Robin Scott, Archivist, Loreto Ballarat. Robyn reminded us of the richness of the Loreto Sister’s story and their inspirational work. At that point it dawned on us that we have a fundamental calling to keep their legacy burning bright through our leadership. We visited Mother Gonzaga’s grave which was so humbling and a poignant reminder of her vocation to her faith, the sisters and her work to educate girls in Australia.

The history of Loreto Toorak and Ballarat played a vital role in the influence of the prayer of Justice for the year of 2018. Together as a group of student leaders from the six Loreto schools we discerned our hopes and dreams for our schools as we collaborated to write the Justice prayer for 2018.

As part of the conference, each Loreto school prepared a presentation that centred around leadership. Our question was: “How does service learning enhance student leadership at Loreto Normanhurst?” This question was multi-layered so we first discussed how integrated learning has equipped us to be independent and critical thinkers of the 21st century, along with the global awareness skills gained from the week long Youth Conference (YCON). The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model has been instrumental in helping shape our leadership by equipping us with critical thinking skills that are required to lead in today’s society.


Here is a quote from each of the participants about the experience. 

“It was awesome to get to know the girls from our sister schools across the country and to share both the differences and commonalities. We all got along extremely well and have agreed to use our newfound friendships, combined with our influence as leaders, to make a difference in the lives of young women in Australia and the greater world in this year of Justice.”

Yvette Crouch
School Captain  2018


“After the inspirational speeches from both Sister Libby Rogerson and Tori Anderson, I have been motivated to strive to overcome the injustices in our world, both locally and globally, knowing that each voice counts. This is a message that I will definitely be sharing with the other members of our school so that they too can strive for justice.”

Jessica Drummond
Vice School Captain 2018


“Each leader brought her own aspirations and dreams for their schools which allowed us all to connect and discern what the year of justice should aspire to be; making our changes tangible and promoting peace through our relationships with each other and God. I intend to work and learn with the team at Loreto Normanhurst to bring about justice and peace this coming year, both within our close community and beyond the borders of Australia.”

Clodagh Bray
Boarder Captain of 2018


“It was so great to meet girls that go to different Loreto schools from all over Australia and see how all the schools have the same values, however, so many aspects operate so differently. Through learning the different ways of doing things, we all became inspired to implement new ideas within each school revolved around this year of justice.”

Sophie Stanley
Boarder Vice Captain of 2018


We all left feeling inspired having made new friends and with a mandate to be women who will do much in our final year of school as the Loreto leaders. We look forward to the year ahead and we thank our teachers and Mr Madigan for their unending support.


This week the Houses enjoyed the annual Light Entertainment Assembly and we congratulate Barry House on their winning performance. It was a time of tremendous community spirit and collaboration amongst those who performed.

Finally, as the school year draws to a close, I wish all families a peace-filled Christmas and a wonderful school holiday. I look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Please feel free to contact me  if you have any questions or concerns.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care

Conversations this week: 

There were no conversations this week due to the Light Entertainment Assembly.




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When absent from school

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Partial absence

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