Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Year of Freedom

‘International Women’s Day’, celebrated on Wednesday 8  March is a day to advocate for the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.  

This year, people everywhere were asked to #Be Bold For Change. Despite this, progress has slowed in many places across the world so global action is needed to accelerate gender parity. In 2016 leaders across the world pledged to take action as champions of gender parity – not only for International Women’s Day, but for every day.

This year at Loreto Normanhurst and as part of the week long Super Girl SRC initiative, students have the opportunity to champion for change by participating in the Soapbox at lunch in the LRC. Students could advocate for girls and women by speaking about a topic that would provoke discussion and challenge the status quo. Students are urged to resist complacency and to maintain an active voice when advocating for their gender. Communication/SRC Captain, Philippa Rich raised awareness in Assembly on Wednesday by asking the student body to look beyond their backyard when thinking about girls and women and how to be agents for change and to make a difference. This link has more information related to International Women’s Day in 2017.

Last Sunday, seven Year 12 students were accompanied by teaching staff to the ‘All about Women’ speaking event at the Sydney Opera House. This year, Lucy Clarke, Senior Editor at the Guardian Australia spoke about ‘Sausage Factory Schools’ and the real meaning of success and failure and why we educate young people as we do. Her talk raised questions about the schooling system in general and she drew on her daughter’s schooling experience to engage her audience in a discussion.

These two examples are ways in which Loreto Normanhurst engages students to listen to the views of others, to challenge the norm, stand up, be heard and engage in discussions that impact on them. I would like to thank Meg Elliot, Dominica Lindsay, Maddison Maguire, Tatendaishe Mwanza, Kelsey Meharg, Georgia Pauling, Ysabel Say, Mr Abarbanel, Mrs Boardman, Ms Cahalane, Ms Donnelly and Ms Morosin for attending the event with me and we look forward to further opportunities to come together throughout the year. A full wrap up of Super Girl week will appear in the newsletter next week.




If your daughter is leaving school to attend an appointment, it is important for our duty of care that she has a note explaining why she is leaving school. If your daughter is absent from school and you have phoned, emailed or sent an SMS, your daughter is still required to bring in a signed note explaining her absence when she returns to school, as per  the NSW Attendance guidelines .

When absent from school

There are two ways to contact the school:

  1. Email:, or
  1. Phone: contact the Student Attendance Line on 9473 7354 – leave a message that includes your daughter’s name, House, Year and a brief explanation for her absence.

Please inform the school of your daughter’s absence before 8:30am. If your daughter’s absence remains unexplained after 8:45am, an SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone reminding you to contact the school and explain her absence.

On your daughter’s return to school, a signed note by a parent or guardian explaining the absence is required. You can use the perforated slips in the back of your daughter’s Student Handbook. The note needs to be handed to Mrs Anderson or Ms Storey in Student Services within seven days of the absence. The absence note is a legal requirement.

Partial absence

If your daughter arrives to school after 8:20am, she will be required to sign in late using her Student ID Card. A signed note will need to be provided by a parent or guardian to verify the lateness with an explanation. If your daughter is required to leave the school grounds earlier than 3:15pm, she will be required to sign out using her Student ID Card. A permission note, not an email must be provided, clearly stating the reason for the leave and the time of departure. Again, the signature of the parent or guardian is required.

Please contact me on or 9487 3488 if you have any questions.


Please support us in relation to school uniform. Your daughter should be wearing her full school uniform to and from school including her hat. One earring in each lower ear lobe that are  plain gold  or silver studs,  sleepers or small white pearls are allowed.  No student is permitted to wear excessive makeup, nail polish, necklaces or multiple earrings, sparkly or other shaped earrings. Nails are to be natural and not acrylic or shellac.  If your daughter arrives at school with makeup she will be asked to remove it. Repeated issues with jewellery will result in a conversation with her Head of House or myself. Information pertaining to the Uniform Code is found on page 24 of your daughter’s handbook.


Conversations this week: 

Year 12

In Conversation with the Principal, Ms Watkins

Year 11

Pastoral Conversations with Tutors

Year 10

Mission Conversation with Mrs Parker

Year 9

Pastoral Conversation with the Counsellors about finding balance and space

Year 7/8

Conversations with the Advisors


Upcoming Events

Year 7 & Year 12

Trivia Night

Friday 17 March 2017

6pm – 8pm


All Parents

Mr Paul Dillon  from DARTA will speak to parents regarding alcohol and drugs

Friday 31 March


Curran Theatre


Please do not hesitate to phone your daughter’s Head of House or the School Counsellors on 9487 3488 if you have any concerns. I can be contacted via email   if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care