Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Year of Freedom

‘Self-Compassion as an antidote to self-criticism’. This is one of the many teaching moments in the eight-week Healthy Minds Program taught to Year 8 students by expertly trained facilitators and members of the Year 8 teaching team.

In its third year at the school, Dr Tom Nehmy last week presented the program and its overall aims to the parents of Year 8. At the conclusion of 2017, all students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will have worked through this evidenced-based program where students are taught the psychological skills that enable them to be at their best. Each week, the students and parents have their own homework to complete which results in a rich and powerful teaching moment between home, students and the school. The Healthy Minds School Program is for school communities that do not equate success  purely by academic achievement or ability; it is far more encompassing than that. Please take some time to look at the link below which will take you to the Healthy Minds website. If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact your daughter’s Year 8 Advisor or Head of House. 



If your daughter is leaving school to attend an appointment, it is important for our duty of care that she has a note explaining why she is leaving school. If your daughter is absent from school and you have phoned, emailed or sent an SMS, your daughter is still required to bring in a signed note explaining her absence when she returns to school, as per  the NSW Attendance guidelines .

When absent from school

There are two ways to contact the school:

  1. Email:, or
  1. Phone: contact the Student Attendance Line on 9473 7354 – leave a message that includes your daughter’s name, House, Year and a brief explanation for her absence.

Please inform the school of your daughter’s absence before 8:30am. If your daughter’s absence remains unexplained after 8:45am, an SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone reminding you to contact the school and explain her absence.

On your daughter’s return to school, a signed note by a parent or guardian explaining the absence is required. You can use the perforated slips in the back of your daughter’s Student Handbook. The note needs to be handed to Mrs Anderson or Ms Storey in Student Services within seven days of the absence. The absence note is a legal requirement.

Partial absence

If your daughter arrives to school after 8:20am, she will be required to sign in late using her Student ID Card. A signed note will need to be provided by a parent or guardian to verify the lateness with an explanation. If your daughter is required to leave the school grounds earlier than 3:15pm, she will be required to sign out using her Student ID Card. A permission note, not an email must be provided, clearly stating the reason for the leave and the time of departure. Again, the signature of the parent or guardian is required.

Please contact me on or 9487 3488 if you have any questions.


Please support us in relation to school uniform. Your daughter should be wearing her full school uniform to and from school including her hat. One earring in each lower ear lobe that are  plain gold  or silver studs,  sleepers or small white pearls are allowed.  No student is permitted to wear excessive makeup, nail polish, necklaces or multiple earrings, sparkly or other shaped earrings. Nails are to be natural and not acrylic or shellac.  If your daughter arrives at school with makeup she will be asked to remove it. Repeated issues with jewellery will result in a conversation with her Head of House or myself. Information pertaining to the Uniform Code is found on page 24 of your daughter’s handbook.


Conversations this week:


Year 12

Pastoral Conversations with Tutors

Year 11

Learning Conversation with Mrs Murdoch

Year 10

Mission Conversation with Mrs Parker

Year 9

In Conversation with the Deputy Principal, Ms Ugonotti

Year 7/8

Conversations with the Advisors


Please do not hesitate to phone your daughter’s Head of House or the School Counsellors on 9487 3488 if you have any concerns. I can be contacted via email   if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care


Bronze and Silver Awards

First Name Surname Year House Bronze Date: Silver Date:
Sophie Nettelbeck 8 AST 20/02/2017  
Akshara Yogesvaran 9 AST 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Yin Yung Chan 10 AST 20/02/2017  
Alessia Anderson 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Victoria Elliott 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Erin Longney 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Laura Rushe 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Erica Scott 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Abbey Williamson 8 BAR 20/02/2017  
Gian Ellis-Gannell 9 BAR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Brittany Hilton 9 BAR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Samantha Parsons 9 BAR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Shayarnee Burns 8 KEN 20/02/2017  
Sophie Lawson 8 KEN 20/02/2017  
Ashleigh Leck 9 KEN 20/02/2017  
Lily Martin 9 KEN 20/02/2017  
Coeli Parsons 9 KEN 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Sian Thomas 9 Ken 20/02/2017  
Arousha Soltany 8 KUR 20/02/2017  
Kate Forman 9 Kur 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Maanya Maini 9 KUR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Grace Napoli 9 KUR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Tara Forman 10 KUR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Isabella Davey 11 KUR 20/02/2017  
Reine Perera 12 KUR 20/02/2017  
Elyse Lorimer 8 MAY 20/02/2017  
Anna Singh 8 MAY 20/02/2017  
Thea Whittaker 8 MAY 20/02/2017  
Bridie Cooksey 9 MAY 20/02/2017  
Kimia Degani 9 MAY 20/02/2017  
Mia Doggett 8 MOR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Lucy Cartwright 8 MUL 20/02/2017  
Olivia Collins 8 MUL 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Chanelle Kong 8 MUL 20/02/2017  
Jessica Mollenbeck 8 MUL 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Tahlia Jones 9 MUL 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Tanya Visevic 9 MUL 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Olivia Bissett 8 WAR 20/02/2017  
Elizabeth Bronk 8 WAR 20/02/2017  
Jessica Samuelson 8 WAR 20/02/2017  
Ella Barone 9 WAR 20/02/2017  
Mia Farrugia 9 WAR 20/02/2017  
Ruihuan Liu 9 WAR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Miranda McDonald 9 WAR 20/02/2017 20/02/2017
Isabella Tziolis 9 WAR 20/02/2017