Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

LSAC Student Leadership Conference

Last weekend, Tatenda, Abbey, Sophie and I flew to Melbourne to attend the LSAC Student Leadership weekend.  In true Mary Ward spirit, we were warmly welcomed by girls from Loreto Toorak, who later showed us around their beautiful school.

We then had an opportunity to meet the student leaders from each of the other Loreto Schools from across Australia, after which we began our first session with Sister Trish Franklin, a truly inspiring woman, who encouraged each of us to justly live out each Loreto value through our leadership in the coming year; also to embrace the concept of Servant Leadership, working to get to know each individual girl.

We then continued our discovery by travelling to Ballarat, a town steeped in history and tradition, where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. Inspired by the environment of Loreto College Ballarat, we began to truly unpack the value of freedom, as a leadership group, and bring each of our own perspectives to formulate what will be the ‘Freedom Prayer’ for 2017. 

The entire weekend was a truly incredible experience where Tatenda, Abbey, Sophie and I formed unforgettable bonds with our sister schools and genuinely began to appreciate the essence of Loreto leadership. During our trip we also gathered many ideas for the coming year and I can honestly say that we are now ready for this year; to be servant leaders to the entire Loreto community and to live out the year of Freedom, back at our beloved Loreto Normanhurst – home sweet home.


Annie Clarke

School Captain



Light Entertainment Acts

 Last Wednesday we had our 2016 Light Entertainment Assembly. The 2016 theme for Light Entertainment is ‘Creating a future together’. This year I wanted the theme to be about coming together as a community. It is evident in the Loreto Community through coming together we can achieve our goals.  Experiences such as Loreto Day, social justice events, community service and Outreach demonstrate our strength as a community.

What makes Loreto Normanhurst different from other schools is our positive spirit and attitude. Spirit relates to joy, happiness, a positive outlook, energy, courage and determination which I feel encapsulates all the Loreto Values.

The Performing Arts Leaders from each house choreographed an energetic and spirited song, dance and acting routine based on the theme and the performance standard this year was exceptional which made the final decision for our talented judges, Ms Bugge, Mr Tannous and Ms Morosin very difficult.

Congratulations must go to the eight Performing Arts Leaders for their tremendous vision and creativity.


Aston – Hollie Duff-Clarke

Barry – Kate Macken

Kendall – Jemima Reisch

Kuringai – Katerina Traini

Maye – Isabella Nery

Mornane – Camille Morrison

Mulhall – Ainsley Ramsbottom

Ward – Alison Rorke


A huge thank you must go to the Performing Arts Captain- Kelsey Meharg for all her work.

The winning house for Light Entertainment 2016 was Maye House led by Performing Arts Leader Isabella Nery and House Captain Libby Anderson.

 All the participants, Drama Department, Mr Little on ICT,  Mr Jorquera on ICT, the AV girls and the eight Heads of House are to be congratulated on an exciting Light Entertainment Assembly.



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On behalf of the Pastoral Team at Loreto we would like to wish all our Loreto families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward in seeing your daughter in 2017.

Ms Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care