Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Orientation Days – Thursday and Friday

This week has been an exciting time for the whole Loreto community as we welcomed the Year 7 Class of 2017 as well as all other new students for their Orientation days. All the new students and their parents arrived with great anticipation looking forward to the start of their Loreto journey. While the year 6’s were welcomed and occupied by Ms Ugonotti in the Curran, all the parents were welcomed by Ms Watkins and Mrs Stooke and they then had the opportunity to spend some time with the Heads of House to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the pastoral care and systems at Loreto. In Period 2, the current Year 7’s took their buddies on a tour showing them the grounds of their new school. After an extended Recess, the House Captains, the Advisors and the Heads of House had time to get to know the new Year 7’s better and to make them feel a part of the Loreto community. The Year 7’s each received a ‘goodie bag’ filled with useful mementos which were lovingly prepared by their House Captains.  Following this, the Student Council introduced themselves to the girls and allowed them to get a little insight in what it means to be a Loreto girl. At lunch we all had a sausage sandwich under the Oak Tree and finished off the day with participation in sport trials.  Overall, we are so excited to welcome all new students next year to Loreto Normanhurst as we know they will soon make many friends and be happy within their new community.

Philippa Rich

Communication Captain


After the girls sport trials, the new boarders currently in years 6-9 were introduced to boarding! Firstly this was through a scavenger hunt around the school and then all were introduced to the boarding house to familiarize the girls with the fundamental areas in the boarding house! Following this the Boarder Council had an opportunity to sit down with the new boarders and answer any questions, worries they had and of course talk about the many exciting things to look forward to! After dinner, we concluded the orientation evening with some more games in the DRC, including movie in a minute, limbo, and musical chairs! The evening was so enjoyable and lots of fun, and we hope that throughout the day the new girls really gained an insight into the wonderful world of Normo and that they are very excited to begin their journey at Loreto next year!

Abigail Downes

Boarding Captain



House Period – Growth Mindset

On Wednesday in House time the House Captains, with the help of their Heads of House, took time to prepare activities to make the House more aware of the importance of having a Growth Mindset and various aspects of brain activities. The Houses did the following:


Aston did some brain teasing trivia with a dance/music break for the first activity (all designed to release dopamine) and then did an egg drop for the second one (we had hard boiled the eggs so none would break); then discussed how everyone can gain the same outcome even if they take different paths to get there, the important thing is to make a decision on your path and just do it!


Barry did community building activities as the year 11’s first House time. The girls played Pictionary scavenger hunt where they had to draw a picture of the place in the school where they had to go to as a Tutor Group to find their next clue. There were seven stations around the school and the first tutor group to return to the start was the winner.

The Second activity was an obstacle course where two girls from each Tutor Group were blindfolded and had to navigate through obstacles – except there were no obstacles! The participants did not know that until the end of the course when they removed their blindfolds, while watching  ad breaks to link their activities back to mental health month.


Kendall had a newspaper dress up. Each Tutor Group chose a member and dressed them up with newspaper followed by a cat walk display. They also had a game of Trivia in Tutor Groups with “Guess that song” title and artist.


Kuringai did a student lead activity organised and delivered by Year 11. In groups they viewed two short videos discussing mental health and managing depression. There were a series of questions to draw discussions followed by a mindfulness colouring in exercise. 


Maye completed a variety of activities – from creating outfits using only a roll of toilet paper to completing obstacle courses, they played games designed to form community spirit and bond, while watching ad breaks created by our Science teachers to highlight how our brains work and the chemicals needed for good learning and interactions.


Mornane discussed some of the meditation strategies used in the past week to help manage stress. The students then discussed the Swimming Carnival and nominations for races and then went to the gym and participated in team activities / tutor group sport activities eg tug rope, tunnel ball, racing.


Muhall did a communal ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with group cheers – fun/communication/activity/involvement.  Juliet Lahood taught Mulhall some defence strategies and spoke about overcoming anxiety and never achieving perfection – just focusing and doing your best!


Ward spent some time on the digital diaries; the new House Council introduced themselves and spoke about their role in the House; the Year 11’s ran a singing competition where the girls had to guess the song and sing the next few lines. The girls loved it!



Conversations this week

Year 11

Were in conversation with their Tutors on all aspects of their FACE holistic curriculum

Year 10


Year 9

Were in conversation with Mrs Helm about the many important but interesting aspects of the teenage brain.

Year 8

Completed reflections on Year 8 via Google forms

Year 7

Worked on their pastoral reflections.


Upcoming events


Mental Health Month

29 October

Mother Daughter Dinner

31 October – 8 November

Year 7 2017 Plenary meetings

5 November

Loreto Regatta

17 November

Year 10 Spirituality Day




It is the school’s policy to  not accept from parents items which their daughters have forgotten at home and are then  ‘dropped in’ to school. We ask all parents  to work in partnership with the school on this.  We take this position so as to decrease the girls’ dependency on parents and other adults, and enhance their own capacity to cope and to take responsibility. They will one day love you for it!


The only suitable student drop-off area is the Slip Road. This is a dedicated space for student drop-off, is supervised by staff before and after school, and is therefore the safest place for vehicles to stop to collect the girls. The Oval Carpark and Admin Carpark are  reserved for Loreto staff and Aquatic Centre and are  not supervised by a staff member on duty.  




There are two ways to contact the school

  1. Email: , or
  1. Phone: Student Attendance Line on 9473 7354 – leave a message that includes your daughter’s name, House, Year and short reason for her absence.

Please inform the school of your daughter’s absence before 8.30am.

If your daughter’s absence remains unexplained after 8.45am, a text (SMS) message will be sent to your mobile phone reminding you to contact the school and explain her absence.

On your daughter’s return to school, a signed note explaining her absence must be provided. You can use the perforated slips in the back of your daughter’s Student Handbook. The signature of the parent or guardian is essential. The written note must be handed in on her return to school even if an email or phone call was made earlier. The note must be handed into Student Reception within seven days of the absence. The absence note is a legal requirement.



If your daughter arrives to school after 8.20am, she will be required to sign in late using her Student ID Card. It is expected that she will have a note to explain her lateness – there are perforated slips in the back of each Student Handbook.

If your daughter is required to leave the school grounds earlier than 3.15pm, she will be required to sign out using her Student ID Card. A permission note not an email must be provided, clearly stating the reason for the leave and the time of departure. Again, the signature of the parent or guardian is essential.



The specific process in place at Loreto when students feel unwell at school:

  • If a student feels unwell at any time during school hours, she should inform a staff member who will sign her handbook and send her to the Health Centre.
  • Our qualified nurse in the Health Centre will assess her upon arrival and either
    • Inform her parents to collect her from school.
    • Or keep her in the Health Centre until she feels well enough to return to class.

Under no circumstances should students phone or message their parents that they feel unwell and arrange to be collected directly from Student Services by her parents. Parents are asked to support the school to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

Please contact me on or 02 9487 3488 if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful week.


Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care


Merit Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received  Merit Awards:

First Name Surname Year House Bronze Date: Silver Date: Gold Date:
Gahee Bong 9 AST 25/10/2016 28/05/2015  
Sophie Dwyer 9 AST 25/10/2016 25/10/2016  
Natasha Benham 8 BAR 25/10/2016    
Charli Fidler 7 KUR 25/10/2016    
Ashleigh Cahill 11 KUR 25/10/2016 25/10/2016  
Piper Stenz 7 MAY 25/10/2016    
Thea Whittaker 7 MAY 25/10/2016    
Sophie Kenny 8 MAY 25/10/2016    
Seyeon Heo 9 MAY 25/10/2016 25/10/2016  
Amelia Kenny 9 MAY 25/10/2016    
Mia Doggett 7 MOR 25/10/2016    
Isabella Stewart 8 MOR 25/10/2016    
Madeleine Roberts 11 MOR 25/10/2016 25/10/2016 25/10/2016
Tahlia Jones 8 MUL 25/10/2016 3/10/2016