Pastoral Care

This week in Conversations

  • Year 12  were in conversation with their Tutors reflecting on their previous report, setting realistic goals for the coming year and looking for specific areas to improve on.
  • Year 11  were in conversation with Mrs McCullough and Mrs Vink on the Social Justice context at Loreto (Lent, Project Compassion, Loreto Day) and outlining the roles for Loreto Day.
  • Year 10  were in conversation with Mr Arruzza on “Think b4 u post”. Main point from this discussion were:
    • Research shows Year 10’s greatest risk to harm online is each other (cyberbullying)
    • The permanence of posts onto the internet
    • Maintaining a good online reputation
    • Defining what “Personal Information” is and guidelines around protecting it online by not sharing it
    • The “Grandmother Rule” (thinking before posting online “would I be happy to show this to my grandmother?”)
  • Year 9  were in conversation with Mrs Stooke about The Office of the eSafety Commissioner
  • Year 8  were in conversation with Dr Amanda Mullin and their advisors working on Dr Tom Nehmy’s Healthy Minds Program discussing the pitfalls of perfectionism – the focus this week was on how the media portrays women in general by photoshopping images and the importance of knowing that you we are perfect as is.
  • Year 7 Were in conversation with their advisors and they were introduced to the concept of Student/Advisor Conversations.

Music Festival

Music Festival practices started this week and the House Captains commented on how this event immediately drew the Houses together. This time spent together as a House every Tuesday and Thursday lunch is an important opportunity for the new girls to start interacting with their peers, make friends and also to get to know the girls from other year groups. This allows the senior students of each House to lead and inspire the House towards achieving their goals for this year and to generally just have fun and enjoy the time together.

Year 7/12 Trivia Night

The Year 7/12 Trivia Night will take place on Friday evening from 6-8.30pm in the School Gymnasium. The Year 12’s with their Year 7 buddies have been planning their costumes carefully based on the theme ‘Heroes and Villains”. This is always a fun-filled, exciting evening for all attending.

Year 8 and 9 SRC Dance – 11 March 2016

The planning for the Years 8 and 9 SRC Dance on the 11th of March 2016 from 7-9pm in the School Gymnasium is currently underway. This is again an exciting evening for the girls when they can practise their dancing steps. The tickets will go on sale from outside the DRC during Recess on Wednesday 24 February 2016.

To ensure comprehensive supervision of all areas, we have many staff at the school on the evening but we also appeal for any support from parent volunteers. If you would like to be part of the parent body present that evening, please let me know on

Special Olympics – 9am, Sunday 13th March 2016

Special Olympics Sydney Upper North Shore is an organization that actively supports people with intellectual disabilities by creating opportunities for them to compete in sports, develop lasting friendships, engage with their local community and reach their full potential. The Kuring-Gai Chase Run is open to all and presents a fantastic opportunity for our community to unite behind a truly worthwhile cause. We hope this year we will have a number of teams from the school participating in this walk or run. A flyer is attached with more information. For registrations, donations and more information, go to

The Praise Trap: Cultivating ego in kids

Positive reinforcement is important, but in our rush to praise kids and not hurt their self-esteem, are we in fact cultivating their ego and encouraging a fear of making mistakes. This video unpacks the praise trap and how NOT to provide positive feedback to kids.