Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Year 11 Leadership Day 

The Year 11 Leadership Day was on held on Monday 19th September. This day had two parts:

  1. Glen Gerreyn from the Hopeful Institute spoke to the girls about finding their motivation and direction in the year ahead; 
  2. All Year 11 students were asked to join in discussions on the aims of their House in their year as Senior students and contribute ideas to achieve these aims.

Glen Gerreyn’s main themes were:

A growth mindset is the ability to take more out of yourself than what you think you’ve got – more hope, more strength, more optimism, more courage.

We are all born with potential – we are not meant to die with it!

I am asking you to realise that what you think about yourself, is very powerful.

  • Our thoughts dictate our actions and our self-belief.
  • Our thoughts can limit our potential;
  • Our thinking can convince us that we will not be successful and might fail.
  • Our thinking can tell us to stop trying;


Glen encouraged the students to:

 1. Work hard

Learning is not always about what you will need in the future – it’s about building thinking capacity, building creativity, problem-solving, extending concentration time.

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” Stop making excuses and accept personal responsibility for your learning and growth.

2. Be disciplined

There are 3 types of students in this room right now

  • Proactive students – appreciate opportunities, go from vision to action quickly, make things happen
  • Procrastinators – live in the moment with no long term action, put off tasks and only complete things at the last minute – work with less creativity and not to the standard of their intelligence
  • Passive – forgot their pen, their laptop is flat and they wait to be told to start

3. Get organised

Manage your time effectively:

  • Get the environment right – file away clutter, concentrate on one thing at a time, mess creates stress!
  • Get the timing right – get up 15 minutes earlier each weekday, work on the most difficult concept
  • Don’t exhaust your attention span – reset your brain – go for a walk, get some exercise
  • Avoid postponing important tasks – use a diary
  • Avoid interruptions – shutdown and take a break from social media.

4. Focus

Strategically quit somethings (that are time-wasters) so you can concentrate on the most important.

Flow – the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Flow follows focus!

5. Make good decisions

6. Get plenty of sleep


Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 spent 3 days at various venues on the outskirts of Sydney on Retreat.

This Retreat, Sacred Space, is a time for each Year 11 student to step back from her daily routine and concerns and find space in her thinking to reflect on how she will respond to the many challenges of her increasingly independent life. Do her choices reflect her values? Does she understand how her emotions influence her choices and the impact of her choices on others and on herself.

The Retreat aims to encourage a growing appreciation for the wisdom of Scripture, the place of God, faith and prayer in our lives. 

I would like to thanks Mrs McCullough, our Dean of Mission, and the other teachers who led and contributed to a beautiful, meaningful experience for each student.


Mrs Gabrielle Stooke 

Director of Pastoral Care  


Wednesday House Period

On Wednesday, the Student Representative Council were designated time during house period to entertain all students from year 8-10 due to the year 11 and 12’s being absent by reason of retreat and graduating. The SRC effectively managed all students and entertained them with games such as Kahoot, Tunnel Ball, brain teasers and Guess the Celebrity. As we do not usually come together as a whole school during house time, is was a great way for many of the students to bond in a healthy competitive nature with all houses. Being run by the SRC, the committee was able to demonstrate great leadership towards their peers and teachers to ultimately run a successful event.

Yasmine Barraket (Yr10), Eve Whittaker (Yr9)

Conversations This Week

During Conversation period this week Cathy Walbank, one of our school counsellors, spoke to Year 9 about “Managing change in Friendships”. The girls were invited to think about why friendship is important to them, reasons for why friendships change over time, and how they can remain true to themselves and give each other the respect and freedom to explore new relationships.  It is normal for friendships to change, especially during adolescence when girls are growing at different rates and developing a sense of self in relation to others. As parents, it is important to listen, validate and normalize your daughter’s concerns around friendship issues, and if necessary, to seek support from the school if you feel they are having a negative impact on their wellbeing.

 How can you remain a good friend during times of change?

  • Accept it is normal for friendships to change over time
  • Recognize you can’t control another person’s choices/actions – only the way you respond to the situation
  • Be patient – it may take time/space to work things out
  • Decide how much time, attention and emotional energy you want to devote to sorting out the friendship issues
  • Check your thinking – don’t jump to conclusions or take everything personally
  • Monitor your self-talk and try not to over analyse every interaction
  • Use clear communication – avoid gossip, taking sides and commenting on social media
  • Be true to your own values
  • Give each other the respect and freedom to explore new relationships – spend time with other friends
  • Look after yourself – healthy diet, good sleep, exercise, work/life balance, relaxation
  • Access support from others – family, trusted adults, older students, pastoral staff or school counsellor


Upcoming events 

22 September

End Term 3

10 October

Start Term 4



Merit Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received  Merit Awards:

First Name




Bronze Awards:

Bronze Date:

Silver Awards:

Silver Date:

Caitlyn Cradock 7 KUR 1 21/9/16    
Ava Nalywajko 7 KUR 1 21/9/16    
Se Hee Eom 10 KUR 3 21/9/16 1 21/9/16
Georgia Arcus 7 MAY 1 21/9/16    
Keeley Clarke 7 MAY 1 21/9/16    
Vivien Li 7 MAY 1 21/9/16    
Brooke Symonds 7 MAY 2 21/9/16    
Chloe Weinress 7 MAY 1 21/9/16    
Mia Doggett 7 MOR 1 21/9/16    
Anneka Rogers 9 MOR 1 21/9/16    
Adelaide Forrest 10 MOR 7 21/9/16 2  
Abby Hartshorne 8 MUL 5 21/9/16 1 21/9/16
Hannah John 9 MUL 6 21/9/16 2 21/9/16
Sophie Rose 11 MUL 8 21/9/16 2 21/9/16
Claudia Lyndon 8 WAR 2 21/9/16    
Lecquia Chang 10 WAR 4 21/9/16 1  



Tutor Group Leaders Term 4 2016

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Have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care