Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Student Leadership Weekend

Last weekend the 2016/2017 Student Council enjoyed a retreat weekend away where we had time to listen and be inspired by our own school leaders, including Ms Watkins and Ms Ugonotti. Amongst much laughter and the building of friendships, we established the groundworks for what we hope will be an amazing year of change, celebration and gratitude within the upcoming 120th year of Loreto Normanhurst. We had time to discuss the year ahead and establish some goals and visions for our school community. The time we spent together allowed us to reflect on the coming year and to consider our own personal goals for the year ahead.


Abi Jones, Libby Anderson and Meg Conlon

Faulty Thinking Patterns


All of us have millions of thoughts a day that generally help us navigate our day safely and productively. However sometimes ‘faulty thinking’ can creep into our system and we can find ourselves drawing huge conclusions based on ‘mind reading’ or ‘black and white’ thinking.

Like a software update on our phones, sometimes we need to recognise that there might be a bug in our thinking or the way we are seeing a particular situation; so we need to reboot and establish a more realistic thought process.

Today during conversation period I spoke with Year 10 about the common ‘Faulty Thinking Traps’ that all of us at some time or another find ourselves falling into.

We are more likely to have faulty thinking when we are tired, stressed, sick or scared – so we need to remind ourselves that sometimes we need to stop, check and reset our thinking to a more realistic mindset.

We teach our students here to be critical thinkers – to question the validity of information sources for their learning. We must also teach them that they must, from time to time do this with their own thoughts and beliefs to ensure that they are thinking realistically which will lead them to better approach to handling stressful situations.

It is a powerful life skill to learn, that we can influence our mood and wellbeing by intervening at the ‘thinking’ level as this is something that we have more chance of controlling!

Like any new skill – it takes time to learn and practice and some days we will get it wrong. As parents we can encourage our children to test their thinking in a gentle way and help them see there are alternative ways of seeing a situation.

Unhelpful thinking styles


Mrs Keeva Mostyn

School Counsellor


Tutor Group Farewells to Year 12 on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the first of a number of farewell activities marked the last week of year 12. The Tutor Groups and Tutors have organised a picnic lunch together while listening to the meaningful reflections by the Year 12s on their time at Loreto. Year 12 shared their growth as young women, their learning and wisdom and also gave some sound advice to their fellow Tutor Group members.  The regular Tutor Group gatherings enable strong friendships to form between friends, peers and buddies and it underpins the strong pastoral system at Loreto. Meaningful relationships and a close knit support system were highlighted and celebrated during all of these gatherings.


Conversations this week

Year 12

Were in their last conversation with Mrs Stooke about the meaning and importance of a Loreto education past Year 12.

  • Stand firm in your values – know them, commit to them, demonstrate them in all your relationships 
  • Remember the FACE elements are a great formula for life
  • Find time for reflection; practice it
  •  Work hard to be better – better at anything you choose. It takes no effort to be average! 
  • Be brave; be a strong leader for good; care for others and the world, even if it is only your little patch. 
  • Stay in touch; you are and will always be, a Loreto girl. 
  •  Stay safe and look after each other. 

Year 11

Were in conversation with their Tutors on the FACE elements of their holistic education

Year 10

Were in conversation with Mrs Mostyn our school councilor on ‘Faulty Thinking Patterns’

Year 9

Were in conversation with Ms McCullough on the meaning of the value Felicity. The girls were invited to think about and share some moments of felicity for them this year. They also spoke about the challenging side because life is not always easy and made the link between courage and joy and how we have to resist apathy, negativity, envy, undue anxiety, fear and judgement and make a choice to be open hearted and cheerful in spite of what is happening in our lives. They also spoke about Mary Ward and her struggles and how she drew her strength from God always and therefore she could be joy-filled in spite of the suffering and condemnation she went through.

Year 8

The girls received new batteries for their laptops!

Year 7

Continued their preparation for Grandparents’ Day by learning some new hymns.


Upcoming events

19 September

Year 11 Leadership Day

20-22 September

Year 11 Retreat

22 September

End Term 3

10 October

Start Term 4


Reminders – Attendance

When your daughter is Absent from School

There are two ways to contact the school

  1. Email: , or
  1. Phone: Student Attendance Line on 9473 7354 – leave a message that includes your daughter’s name, House, Year and short reason for her absence.

Please inform the school of your daughter’s absence before 8.30am.

If your daughter’s absence remains unexplained after 8.45am, a text (SMS) message will be sent to your mobile phone reminding you to contact the school and explain her absence.

On your daughter’s return to school, a signed note explaining her absence must be provided. You can use the perforated slips in the back of your daughter’s Student Handbook. The signature of the parent or guardian is essential. The written note must be handed in on her return to school even if an email or phone call was made earlier. The note must be handed into Student Reception within seven days of the absence. The absence note is a legal requirement.


Partial Absence

If your daughter arrives to school after 8:20am, she will be required to sign in late using her Student ID Card. It is expected that she will have a note to explain her lateness – there are perforated slips in the back of each Student Handbook.

If your daughter is required to leave the school grounds earlier than 3.15pm, she will be required to sign out using her Student ID Card. A permission note not an email must be provided, clearly stating the reason for the leave and the time of departure. Again, the signature of the parent or guardian is essential.


When your daughter feels unwell at Loreto

The specific process in place at Loreto when students feel unwell at school:

  • If a student feels unwell at any time during school hours, she should inform a staff member who will sign her handbook and send her to the Health Centre.
  • Our qualified nurse in the Health Centre will assess her upon arrival and either
    • Inform her parents to collect her from school.
    • Or keep her in the Health Centre until she feels well enough to return to class.

Under no circumstances should students phone or message their parents that they feel unwell and arrange to be collected directly from Student Services by her parents. Parents are asked to support the school to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

Please contact me on or 02 9487 3488 if you have any questions.


Have a wonderful week.

Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care