Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Preparing to Lead

This week, Year Eleven further focused on preparing for the Leadership Ritual which will take place next Friday. They contemplated the deeper meaning of a pledge and the significance of making their common pledge they have created around the value of ‘Freedom’. They also had time to discern and write their own individual pledge which should guide them throughout their time as leaders at Loreto Normanhurst.


Holistic Plenary Meetings

A letter of information was sent with information to book the scheduled holistic plenary meetings for year 7 and 8 from Monday 22nd August – Friday 26th August and Monday 29th August – Friday 2nd September. Bookings will be via PTO.


Loreto Day Auction Items

All Loreto Day Auction items not collected by Friday 26 August, will be donated to charity organisations.  


Conversations this week

Year 7- 12

Voting for House Councils in House areas


Upcoming events

Friday 26 August

Leadership Ritual

22 August – 2 September

Y7/8 Holistic Plenary Meetings

12 September

Year 7 Vaccination

15 September

Year 12 Final Liturgy

16 September

Year 12 Graduation Day

19 September

Year 11 Leadership Day

20-22 September

Year 11 Retreat


Relationships – Forgiveness

By Andrew Fuller, John Hendry & Neil Hawkes

“We can only take care of this world by taking care of each other. It is as simple and as difficult as that.”

Once trust has been established in a relationship it is important to know there will be times when it will be tested. There will be times when all of us make mistakes and our trustworthiness will be questioned. It is at these times that relationships will deepen through forgiveness. For this reason, forgiveness is the second element in the Relationship Quotient (RQ). Forgiveness means that you “give-for” the relationship to exist and function. Forgiveness rebuilds trust.

Read the full article here.


Again – a few reminders 

Uniform at Loreto

Just a reminder for the winter uniform your daughter’s dress length should be below the knee for the junior dress and mid-calf for the senior skirt. Can I please ask for your assistance in making sure your daughter is wearing all the correct jewellery, is wearing her hat to and from school and only bringing to school her Loreto school and sports bag. The earrings at Loreto should only be small plain round silver or gold studs or sleepers or small white pearls. No decorated, shape other than round, no coloured or sparkly earrings are allowed. The girls are aware of the consequences if they do not follow the uniform guidelines. All the information about uniform is in the school handbook on page 20.


When your daughter feels unwell at Loreto:

The specific process in place at Loreto when students feel unwell at school:

  • If a student feels unwell at any time during school hours, she should inform a staff member who will sign her handbook and send her to the Health Centre.
  • Our qualified nurse in the Health Centre will assess her upon arrival and either
    • Inform her parents to collect her from school.
    • Or keep her in the Health Centre until she feels well enough to return to class.

Under no circumstances should students phone or message their parents that they feel unwell and arrange to be collected directly from Student Services by her parents. Parents are asked to support the school to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

Please contact me on or 02 9487 3488 if you have any questions.


Have a wonderful week.

Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care