Pastoral Care

Music Festival Rehearsals

House Choir rehearsals begin next week for the annual Music Festival at Homebush. The theme for this 2016 is ‘Celebrating Women in Song’.

Your daughter will be learning a song with her whole House. An elected Year 12 or Year 11 student will be conducting the choir and teaching her House all the words and harmonies. The rehearsals begin next Tuesday and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime throughout this term, with the dress rehearsal taking place in our Gymnasium on 30 March.

This is an important time to be together as a House, under the leadership of the senior girls, and to work with the House Conductor on creating beautiful music and spend quality time together as friends.

On these rehearsal days it would be best to give your daughter a packed lunch from home rather a tuckshop order as  lunch rehearsals begin at 12.50pm. If your daughter does need to buy lunch then it would be best to put in a tuckshop order online rather than waiting in a queue at lunchtime.


  • Year 12 attended the Ash Wednesday service in our chapel
  • Year 11 were in conversation with their Tutors reflecting on their previous report, setting realistic goals for the coming year and looking for specific areas to improve on
  • Year 10 were in conversation with Mrs Pursche regarding the  need to take personal responsibility for their learning,  and with Mr Arruzza about using Cloud based storage such as  Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 
  • Year 9 were in conversation with Mrs Vink on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, making good choices and uniforms.
  • Year 8 were in conversation with Dr Amanda Mullin working on Dr Tom Nehmy’s Healthy Minds Program, discussing the pitfalls of perfectionism and the value of mistakes and ‘failures’ in learning.
  • Year 7 were in conversation with their Advisors about the Year 7 camp.


Year 9/5 Buddies

Fifty of our Year 9 students accepted the responsibility of being a buddy to our new Year 5 students.  On Wednesday, they connected with each other for the first time.

Year 9 buddies accept the responsibility to connect regularly with their Year 5; guide them through the first weeks of school; assist them to understand the culture of Loreto Normanhurst and how to be a great Loreto girl.

This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for Year 9 students and we know they will be wonderful mentors to our new Year 5 students.


Year 7 Camp

On Wednesday afternoon, 172 very excited Year 7 students were anxiously waiting for the 4 buses to take them to the Year 7 camp venue. They were looking forward to getting to know their peers better, making new friends, and spending some quality time with their Advisors and Heads of House. They then enjoyed a very special evening on Thursday with the  Student Council. Year 7 have had a very busy week with lots of ‘firsts’ happening for them. They had their Traditioning Day on Tuesday, their first Ash Wednesday service in our Chapel and partook in the now famous ‘Loreto Scavenger Hunt’ to help them  become more  familiar with the location of their classrooms and other key areas throughout the school.



A Loreto education informs, encourages and challenges your daughter to think outside the box. The girls are constantly made aware of the injustices in the world through classroom lessons, assemblies, Friday Communion service and social justice events such as Project Compassion which was launched this week. In partnership with you, the parents, we strive to grow women of integrity who will do her best to assist others in her special way. It is therefore important we also take pride in her appearance at school. So, please work in partnership with us by checking your daughter’s uniform as she walks out the door and if she is not following the guidelines discuss with her how showing pride in the way she wears her uniform is also an important part of being a Loreto girl. The staff will be applying the uniform rules constantly throughout this term, so your daughter will be notified if she is not in the correct uniform.


Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care