Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Week 1, Term 3

A very warm ‘online’ welcome back to the start of Term 3, under somewhat different circumstances to those of Term 2. It does not seem that long ago that we were all together at the ICC celebrating the ‘Illumination of the Heart’ at our 2021 Music Festival. What an incredible evening it was and a huge congratulations to all students for their involvement in the Music Festival. In particular, well done to Mornane and Mulhall Houses for winning Best House Choir and Spirit Cup respectively. Click here to read more about the Music Festival.

Music is such an important part of our lives and it is something that brings people together. As we move into this time of online learning, it is important to remain connected with one another. Below you will find some resources and suggestions for staying connected to people. As we continue with online learning in this year of Felicity, it is good to remember that even though it may seem like ‘everything is cancelled’, it is up to each of us to decide that happiness and connection are not cancelled!

How to help during online learning

It is also timely to remind you of your daughter’s online safety and social media usage. Being online is important for learning and social connection at this time, but we urge you to monitor your daughter’s social media and screen usage and set limits and boundaries for their best wellbeing, health and safety. At Loreto, we strongly encourage you to work in partnership with us and consider these ideas:

  • No phones in your daughter’s bedrooms during lessons or sleeping
  • Limit the time spent on phones or other screens for social media 
  • Encourage your daughter to call a friend rather than just use social media for connection
  • Encourage your daughter and family to have non-screen time activities for wellbeing, health and connection. Do more things that make you forget to check your phone!
  • Discuss screen and social media usage as a family and model to each other appropriate time spent on these. Consider the “Creating a Safe Home” section of the LN Cybersafety Hub below. This has advice on setting up a family Digital Agreement.

The following two infographics are very helpful for students and families:

Resources that can assist all things online:

For general parenting support at this complex time, these sites may be of assistance to you:

Important information regarding attendance and notifying the School of absences

Thank you to parents for using the Parent Portal to notify the School of any absences. This is the method we want our parents to use in order to maintain efficiency around this compliance requirement. If you have any issues with logging attendance updates to the Parent Portal, please reach out to Please do not send emails or write notes, but use the Parent Portal for all attendance matters. Refer to this link for some information regarding attendance.

As the term progresses, if you have any questions or concerns then please reach out to your daughter’s Head of House. We wish our students and families a safe start to the term. Stay connected and safe at this time.

Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care