Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Orientation Day 2020

On Thursday 12  November the Loreto Normanhurst community welcomed the new students into our school for their Orientation Day. Orientation Day was a buzz of anticipation and mixed emotions for the new students coming into Years 7 to 11. We began in the gym with a sea of different uniforms getting ready to learn some of the traditions of the school. There was also excitement from the current Year 6 Loreto girls to see who would be joining them in the school community next year. It was a day of spirit and a sense of emerging friendships as the new students began to build connections with the other girls and the staff through the various activities carried out on the day.

New beginnings carries mixed emotions and this would have been the case for some of the new students. We do our best to make everyone feel that they belong, and this will be no exception in 2021. For the Student Council, they got to meet the new students from the start of the day at the registration desk. The new Year 7 students spent a good amount of time with their House Captain, Advisors and Heads of House throughout the day. Students in Years 8-11 experienced Year time, as well as a Visual Arts making opportunity with the Head of Visual Arts, Ms Boardman and members of the Visual Arts faculty. All girls went on a tour of the campus to become familiar with the beautiful grounds. We thank everyone involved for making Orientation Day a success.

We hope our new students had as much fun as we did and are as excited to start the new year with us. Thank you to all the girls who helped on the day and for giving a friendly smile to any visiting students walking through the school. 

Finally, as this is the final newsletter for the year, we wish all families a peace-filled Christmas and a wonderful school holiday. Safe travels to those families travelling over the holiday period, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

The first day of school for students is Thursday 28 January 2021. Until then, be well and take care.


Mr Justin Madigan and Mrs Marysa Boland

Deans of Pastoral Care

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