Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Learning Cruci dum Spiro Fido in Auslan

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” Such has been the case in 2020, where challenges have been met with agile thinking and optimism, and ideas are created out of conversations about ‘what’s next?’ or ‘how do we do this differently?’

Not being able to sing our school song, Cruci dum Spiro Fido has been an example, and one that members of the Leadership and Student Council teams have set out to solve. On the Year 11 Leadership Day in Week One of this term, Grace and Lilly led Year 11 in learning how to sign ‘Cruci’ in Auslan. We were assisted by teaching videos specially produced for us by the Ephpheta Centre, a Catholic centre for people who are deaf and hearing impaired. Year 11 learned about the story from Mark’s Gospel, in which Jesus cures the deaf man and says ‘ephpheta’ or ‘be open’.

Being open to inclusivity and diversity is one of the Student Council’s goals for their leadership year. Leading the school in learning our school song in Auslan is a powerful way to increase belonging and school spirit, whilst facilitating opportunity in the face of difficulty.

Our Social Justice group will also lead the School in activities to raise awareness about the deaf and hard of hearing community in “Week without Words” in Week 5. Year 10 students will combine with Year 11  students to teach the rest of the school “Cruci” in Auslan. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful way of celebrating diversity in our community, as well as a new tradition for the times we are in.

Mental Health Week

As we wrote about in the last newsletter, this year’s Mental Health Month theme was ‘Tune In’.

We took a moment in House Time to tune in with ourselves through an experience of dadirri; an Aboriginal spiritual concept of quiet contemplation that engages inner deep listening and quiet, still awareness. Students then engaged in mindfulness activities such as origami. Lunchtime was filled with the fabulous sounds of beating drums and the quiet reflective space of ceramics. Both activities, whilst different, are forms of mindfulness. They induce relaxation and calms the mind. Please enjoy some photos below of these experiences.


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan
Deans of Pastoral Care



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