Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Student Representative Council, House Music Conductor and House Council

You can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability.

Brene Brown’s words from her book,  Dare to Lead,  are very interesting when you think about leadership and what it entails. It takes courage to put yourself forward for a leadership position. It requires discernment, vision, what skills you bring to the role and the inevitable ‘self-doubt’ talk that runs through your mind about being able to do it. When we wrestle with this vulnerability and put ourselves forward for leadership, it can result in exciting possibilities and a chance to grow and learn from the experience. While there are successes, there is also disappointment for some. This too takes courage to put yourself forward with the understanding that the opportunity might not arrive on this occasion.  It doesn’t mean that you are not good enough, it simply means, not yet! We have had many students put themselves forward for the Student Representative Council (SRC), House Music Conductor role from Years 10 and 11 and a position on the House Council from Year 11. These roles have now been finalised.

Our School Mission Statement promises to: ‘encourage each student to fulfill her academic and personal potential, in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect for the individual’. Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst is fair and accessible to all, and is based on the principle of democracy. The school is very clear in its vision and leadership aspirations for students. Students are empowered to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service to others. We want our students to be courageous in their leadership and self-aware.

Congratulations to the following girls who have been elected to the Student Representative Council (SRC), House Music Conductor role and respective House Councils.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

  Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Aston Tahlia Moses Jodie Drever Lara Iannello
Barry Annabelle Hartley Martha Longney Michelle Hoffman
Kendall Lauren Lawer Sophie McKenna Charlize Hyde
Kuring-gai Annelyse Seymour Mischa Nalywajko Bridget Whittaker
Maye Sairsha Davies Juliette Franco Clare Doherty
Mornane Nimah Kelleher Lucy Deloughery Sarah Roberts
Mulhall Phoebe Zammit Becca Zammit Mykaylah Bouchahine
Ward Lucy Harrison Charlotte Edwards Eden Thomas

Music Conductor

Aston House Music Conductor Isabella Leonardi
Barry House Music Conductor Hattie Feilen
Kendall House Music Conductor Audrey Kha
Kuring-gai House Music Conductor Eva Frith
Maye House Music Conductor Chloe Lee
Mornane House Music Conductor Madeleine Campbell
Mulhall House Music Conductor Zara Oong
Ward House Music Conductor Matilda Hardy


House Council for 2021

Aston House Council 

Xanthe Althofer
Brynnin Barr
Charlee Curll
Nathalie Doyle
Emma Flaherty
Peyton Henderson
Kate Law-Whitting
Isabella Leonardi
Scarlet Pidcock

Barry House Council 

Ella Angell
Sascha Crozier
Abbey Curtin
Victoria Elliott
Hattie Feilen
Charlotte Hartmann
Erin Longney
Abbey Williamson
Emma Worner

Kendall House Council 

Eleanor Adlam
Breahna Akerboom
Claudia Anderson
Ciara Hartnett
Maya Jones
Julia Reuben
Emily Stockwell
Anabel Waldock
Emma Wills

Kuring-gai House Council 

Samantha Barron
Clara Briggs
Ciara Downes
Ella Dwyer
Charli Fidler
Zoe Gainsford
Stephanie Jakic
Ava Nalywajko
Erin O’Brien

Maye House Council 

Georgia Arcus
Sigourney Berkery
Ella Donohoe
Jacqueline Dwyer
Sally Kearins
Teighan Locke
Elyse Lorimer
Zoe Redwin
Brooke Symonds

Mornane House Council 

Ruby Booth
Isabella Bryant
Charlotte Cluff
Molly Coe
Monique McEnearney
Tara O’Malley
Lydia Thomas
Maya Vander Meeden
Eliza Vardy

Mulhall House Council 

Ashlea Ahmed
Georgia Cluff
Bethany Conlon
Ella Donlevy
Lily Gavan
Zoey Hartshorne
Chloe Oong
Zara Oong
Ellie Richardson

Ward House Council 

Elizabeth Bronk
Grace Callanan
Juliette Denny
Bella Dent
Genevieve Hadwen
Hallebeth Jones
Scarlett O’Kane
Chelsea Tran
Veronica Vella


Conversations this week:

Year 12 In Conversation with Ms Ugonotti
Year 11 Exam Preparation with Advisors
Year 10 All My Own Work with Assistant Tutors
Year 9 Integrated App Task with Mr McGee
Year 8 Healthy Relationships Conversation with Advisors
Year 7 Getting to  Know You Conversation with Tutors

Please feel free to contact me by email  if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan
Dean of Pastoral Care