Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Student Council

Student life can be edifying and uplifting, complicated and confusing, and is punctuated with excitement and also moments of disappointment. This past week was  filled with mixed emotions for our Year 11 students as they learned who would be the new student leaders on the Student Council. What makes student life so interesting is the ability and the willingness  of students to take risks, step up and apply for something with the knowledge that there may be disappointment in the end. Moments like these can result in opportunities for learning regardless of success or disappointment.

There was much joy and excitement when Ms Ugonotti announced to the School community the 2020/2021 student leaders. We congratulate all of Year 11 and in particular the following students on their new leadership roles.




School Captain

Grace Gillies

School Vice-Captain

Lillian Dean

Boarding Captain

Annabelle Kingston

Boarding Vice-Captain

Sophia Whittaker



Extra-curricular Captains


Academic Activities

Sophie Earle


Annika Shankar

Creative Arts

Chanelle Kong


Leila Mangos


Anne-Maree Swanson


Vivien Li

Performing Arts

Eliza Carolan

Social Justice

Molly Haymen


Abby Feurtado



House Captains



Yasmin Say


Eliza Haire


Lily Hudson


Sabrina Haaf


Thea Whittaker


Lucy Findlay


Tiana Paul


Jordyn Richards


Year 7 Holistic Plenaries 

Holistic Plenary Meetings are an important part of a student’s learning at Loreto Normanhurst.  These are 15 minute meetings which provide an opportunity for your daughter to reflect on her overall learning and growth, naming achievements, challenges and goals with her parents and her Advisor.  These plenaries will occur for Year 7 parents from  Monday  31 August to  Thursday 3 September  and Monday  7 September to Thursday 10 SeptemberParents are required to make one appointment only per student in order  to meet with your daughter’s Advisor.

These bookings are made through our PTO system which will open to parents on Monday 24 August. Parents will receive an email next week with details of login procedures and instructions.

We thank you for taking the time to attend the plenaries in order to support your daughter in her holistic growth.

Attendance Procedures 

We are pleased to advise that the Loreto Normanhurst Parent Portal is now available for you to access and is the preferred method to notify the School of your daughter’s absences.  Within the Parent Portal, click on the ‘Absences’ tab, located on the left-hand side of screen, to manage your daughter’s school attendance.  

In this section of the Parent Portal you can:

  1. Notify the School of an absence or late arrival/early departure 
  2. Respond to unexplained absences
  3. Request future absences (under 3 days)
  4. View your daughter’s attendance history

In addition to using the Parent Portal to notify the school of absences, you are able to directly SMS Student Services on: 0428 568 054.

Please provide these details:

  1. Student first name, surname, Year/House group
  2. Date and reason for absence

Please note leave requests for three or more days must be pre-approved by the Deputy Principal’s office, by completing an Application for Extended Leave Form and submitted to:  

For the Primary School, please submit to the Head of Primary:   

If you have any questions regarding the Parent Portal or attendance procedures, please contact Student Services or the Primary School Reception or  the Primary School.


Conversations this Week

Year 7 Explanation of Holistic Plenaries with Advisors
Year 8 “Unhealthy Relationships” session with Advisors
Year 9 Planning for Project
Year 10 Learning to Learn Program with Ms Albert
Year 11 1:1 Conversations with Tutors
Year 12 HSC Trial examinations


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care