Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Welcome back to everyone!

It’s so exciting to have all students back on campus after a period of teaching and learning in our FACE Online environment.

We have hit the ground running and this week we saw the final rehearsals for the virtual Music Festival to be held on Saturday 27 June. The classrooms were zooming away with the sounds of the choirs filling the spaces in abundance. At times like this, we are reminded of the importance of resilience and adaptability as we continue to work and live with a pandemic. 

Also, at this time, we are reminded of the importance of staying connected to one another. Staying connected to each other does not need to be a complicated process. It can be as simple as saying ‘hello’ or sending a text message to see how someone is. However, it insulates us and reminds us all of the importance of our school community at a time when we are faced with uncertainty. 

By the end of this week, Years 7-12 will have been introduced to a social and emotional learning program called “COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Bootcamp”. As Ms Ugonotti flagged in her video, the program was written by Dr Danielle Einstein whose work with the school continues to inform our programs and whole school approach to wellbeing.

The lessons focus on building resilience and responding to uncertainty in a healthy way, with strategies to ‘diffuse’ the ‘uncertainty bomb’, that we all feel at times. Students will be introduced to the first strategy of asking “when will I know?” and planning appropriate problem solving, when faced with ‘what if?’ or ‘what can I do?’ questions that can feel overwhelming. Students will experience the Chilled & Considerate Bootcamp across Conversation times, FACE time for seniors and House time. Dr Einstein is also developing an accompanying ‘parent bootcamp’ so please watch this space for its release.

Conversations this week:

Year 12 Tutor Conversations
Year 11 COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Bootcamp with Heads of House
Year 10 All My Own Work Conversation with Mr Scali
Year 9 COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Bootcamp with Assistant Tutors
Year 8 COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Bootcamp with Advisors
Year 7 COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Bootcamp with Advisors

Tutor Group Leaders

Congratulations to the Tutor Group Leaders for Term two. View the student list here.


We wish you and your daughters a successful return to face-to-face schooling for the remainder of the term.


Ms Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care