Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

It Takes a Village… Judith Locke Presentation

As part of the Parent Engagement and Education program, we were fortunate to have Dr Judith Locke present to parents and our senior students on Monday 10 February and Tuesday 11 February.

As a clinical psychologist, former teacher and author of The Bonsai Child, Judith encouraged parents to develop confidence and resilience in their children. She shared her insights on the importance of developing the five essential skills of resilience, self-regulation, resourcefulness, respect and responsibility and offered practical suggestions to support parents in navigating the modern parenting environment.

Judith’s presentation reinforced the importance of providing teens with expectations and responsibilities. This included contributing to household chores, respectful relationships, use of devices and ownership of their school work. It was underpinned by her message that stepping back will enable children to step up, and she emphasised the long term benefit of this approach as young people grow into young adults.

Resilience, along with parenting styles and strategies are frequently occuring topics in SchoolTV; a digital resource available to you. I encourage you to engage with this resource to remain informed about current topics and to support you as parents, in partnership with the school.

Click the SchoolTV image below to access the website.


Mrs Sally Munro

Director of Pastoral Care



SchoolTV is a digital resource for parents to assist in navigating your way through the challenges of modern-day parenting. Every month, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg introduces a new topic and interviews specialists  to offer their advice. Information is presented in bite-size pieces that you can watch and read anywhere at any time on any device.  Click the SchoolTV image to access the website. Please bookmark for easy access in the future. 


Uniform Reminder 

Please support us in relation to school uniform. Your daughter should be wearing her full school uniform to and from school including her hat. One earring in the lower ear lobe that is plain gold or silver studs or sleepers or small white pearls is allowed. No student is permitted to wear excessive makeup, nail polish, necklaces or multiple earrings, sparkly or other shaped earrings. Nails are to be natural and not acrylic or shellac.  If your daughter arrives at school with makeup she will be asked to remove it. Repeated issues with jewellery will result in a conversation with her Head of House or myself. Information pertaining to the uniform code is found on pages 24-25 of your daughter’s handbook. Ask for your daughter’s handbook and refer to these sections for clarification.

Appointment Reminders

A reminder to parents that the making of appointments should occur after school hours and not throughout the day. Valuable learning time is missed if your daughter is not at school during the hours of 8:20am to 3:15pm.


Year 7 Vaccinations

Year 7 students will receive their Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (Dose 1) and Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccinations on Tuesday 10 March 2020. On this day the students are asked to wear their sports uniform to school. There will also be a Year 8 (catch-up) Human Papillomavirus Vaccine. Click here for the schedule.

Conversations this week

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Year 9 Extra-curricular and Sport with Mrs Woods
Year 8 The Year Ahead with Heads of House
Year 7 Problem Solving with Advisors


Upcoming Events

Supergirl Week All Years, Monday 2 March – 6 March
Open Day  All Years – Saturday 7 March
Year 7 Vaccinations Tuesday 10 March


Mr Justin Madigan 

Dean of Pastoral Care