Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Reviewing Healthy Minds

This week our students have had the opportunity to engage in a variety of initiatives that are part of, or aligned with, the Pastoral and Wellbeing programs that we have in place at Loreto Normanhurst. Dr Amanda Mullin presented a recap of the principle learnings from the Healthy Minds Program in her ‘Booster’ sessions. The Year 9 girls practiced their ability to recall information by participating in a quiz-style session which refreshed their memory of concepts such as the Magic Question (‘What is the helpful thing to do now?’), the importance of optimising stress levels, the various thinking errors and their impact on perception of events and the importance of exercise and sleep for mental health.  Dr Mullin presented a more adult format with Year 11, in which she uncovered some of the ‘secrets’ to establishing and sustaining a healthy mind during Year 12 and beyond.

Year 9, alcohol and parties

Year 9 have been fortunate to work with Ms Kris Bobetic from DARTA (Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia). The ‘Alcohol and Parties’ workshop was recently developed to complement DARTA’s existing Years 10–12 presentations, and has been designed to be interactive. Kris has been a paramedic for 17 years and successfully piloted the Year 9 program in a number of schools during 2018. Her wisdom, pragmatism and humour captured the attention of the girls; their focus and engagement were a testament to the value of the workshop and their self-regulation.

The objective was to educate the girls and thus encourage safe behaviour to effectively reduce the risks of alcohol-related harm. Numerous factual statistics were presented which reinforced positive norms around the prevalence of youth drinking at Year 9 level.

As a result of this workshop the girls should be able to identify:

  • That most Year 9 students do not drink alcohol.
  • That there are no safe places to be drunk and all environments entail some risk.
  • The inability of a Year 9 student to look after a drunk person on their own, the need to seek assistance and recognising when to seek it.
  • The importance of rules around alcohol and teenage parties to reduce the associated risks.

Year 9 is an important developmental stage and DARTA is committed to best practice drug education. All workshops are aligned with the new Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Research recommends following an information session such as this with a timely review of the content. This does not have to be a formal lesson – a simple discussion is likely to assist in working through the messages delivered. Perhaps you could consider asking your teenager the following:

  • What was something new you learnt about alcohol from the talk?
  • What was something that you already knew about alcohol, that was confirmed?
  • What was something you believed to be true about alcohol, that you discovered was false?

You might be interested in reading some of the factsheets available on the DARTA website, which provide pertinent information about monitoring your teenager’s alcohol use, hosting teenage parties and the effect of alcohol on the adolescent brain. This article, aimed at parents and carers of adolescents in Years 7 to 9, outlines why it is important to have the ‘alcohol and parties’ discussion sooner rather than later. DARTA founder, Paul Dillon, also has an excellent and informative blog that may be of interest.


If you have any concerns about your daughter, or would like further information, please so not hesitate to contact  me by email.

Mrs Beth Nairn

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care


Conversations this week

Year 11 Healthy Minds Booster with Dr Amanda Mullin
Year 10 Exams
Year 9 Presentation and Workshop with Ms Kris Bobetic from DARTA
Year 8 Learning about ‘Friendship Fires’ and connecting with the Year 7 members of their House in a series of team games 
Year 7 Learning about ‘Friendship Fires’ and connecting with the Year 8 members of their House in a series of team games 



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Monday 18 November Year 10 Sprint Week commences
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Taking responsibility

A reminder that the school’s policy is to not accept drop-offs from parents of any items that their daughter has forgotten at home. We ask all parents to work in partnership with the school on this. We take this position to moderate dependency on parents and other adults. By being accountable for their actions our students are provided a valuable opportunity to enhance their own capacity to cope and take responsibility.


Student drop off site

The designated student drop-off area is the Slip Road (off Osborn Road) which is supervised by staff before and after school. It is the only area allocated for vehicles to drop off or pick up girls. The Oval Carpark and Admin Carpark are reserved for Loreto staff and Aquatic Centre staff.