Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Enviroweek and Mental Health Month

Try to get outside today – your mind will thank you for it!

We intuitively know that spending time in nature is great for our wellbeing. In fact, spending two hours a week in outdoor green spaces is proven to have benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Even 20 minutes can have a considerable ‘pick-me-up’ effect. Taking ‘green booster breaks’ throughout the day can give our mind the rest it needs… they can enhance concentration, top up energy reserves and maybe even kick start our working memory!

“Simply escaping out into nature provides the freedom, relaxation and physical activity, which is needed and known to have a positive impact on mental states such as anxiety and depression,” Dr Rona Weerasuriya, Deakin University; Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group Associate Researcher.

This week during our House Time, students across the senior school combined their appreciation of our wonderful natural environment with an opportunity to restore their mental energy. Staff and students spent valuable time outdoors to boost their ‘green levels’, by interacting with each other in our magnificent green surrounds.

Activities varied, but all were based around spending time with peers to build relationships, particularly in their Tutor Groups, or honing the art of quiet contemplation and meditation. Underpinning the entire experience was the recognition of the privilege we have to live and work in such natural beauty. Please enjoy viewing the selection of photos that were taken as the girls embraced this opportunity and created meaningful representations of their unique Tutor Groups.

Our young people can experience a great deal of anxiety when they consider the future of the environment in which they live. Research indicates that dwelling on concerns often serves to exacerbate them. The intention of this week’s House Time was to take joy from our surroundings and adopt a more proactive and optimistic mindset.

Ask your daughters about their involvement in this initiative and encourage them to continue this practice of more ‘green-desking’ in their own time and to maximise the energising power of nature.

If you are concerned about your daughter’s mental health, do not hesitate to contact her Head of House or a member of our Counselling Team. We have excellent staff who are here to help and support your daughter.

Please feel free to contact me here  if you have any feedback, questions or concerns.


In Conversations this week

Each House group celebrated and welcomed their new House Council and their newly appointed members of the Student Representative Council. During these ceremonies, the Heads of House used the symbol of oil to signify God’s blessing, protection, and empowerment of these girls as they undertake their new roles. Heads of House were assisted by their House Captains to present each of these new leaders with their badge, which they can now wear as an external sign of the positions into which they have been elected.



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Upcoming Events

Week 3  
Monday 28 October Year 10 examinations begin (until 5 November)
Wednesday 30 October Healthy Minds Booster sessions (Year 9 and Year 11)
  DARTA Presentation – Year 9, Alcohol and Parties
  SRC Induction Afternoon (3.30-4.30pm)
Week 4  
Tuesday 5 November Year 10 exams conclude
Week 5  
Thursday 14 November Orientation Day Years 7-11   2020
Friday 15 November Grandparents and Special Friends Day (Year 7)
Week 6  
Monday 18 November Year 10 Sprint Week commences
Monday 18 November Year 8 Set Dance
Week 7  
Wednesday 27 November Swimming Carnival
Week 8  
Monday 2 December SRC Christmas Cup
Wednesday 4 December Light Entertainment Assembly
Thursday 5 December Awards Ceremony


Uniform reminders

We are now two weeks into the students wearing their summer uniforms, which they report provides them with up to fifteen minutes of extra time each morning to get ready! It is important that students ensure their uniform is the correct length, that their top buttons have been fastened and that any incorrect jewellery has been removed.


Mrs Beth Nairn

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care