Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Year 7 and Year 12 Buddy Communion Service and Breakfast

Thank you to all the Year 12 and Year 7 parents for making sure your daughter was at school on Friday by 7.15am. The Buddy Breakfast was a wonderful event for connecting and continuing the strong buddy relationship. Gabriella Cameron, Year 7, shared a meaningful reflection on the support given to her by her Year 12 buddy. Thank you to the Liturgy Captain, Phillipa Tonkin, for her preparation and work with Ms McCullough, the Year 12 Liturgy Leaders and the Year 12 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. It was a very special and beautiful service.


Conversations this week

Year 12


Year 11

Were in conversation with their Tutors about all FACE elements of their learning.

Year 10

Were in conversation with Mr Pluss about:

1.       IM processes and Learning Handbook

2.       Subjection selection timeline

3.       Demonstrate the Web Preferences Console for subject selection.

Year 9

Were in conversation with Mrs Vink about ‘Looking after ourselves and each other’.

Year 8

Were in conversation with their advisors on:

·         debriefed about camp

·         talked about our upcoming Public Space expo for integrated

Year 7

This week in Conversation Period Year 7 will be reading – inspired partly by their participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and also modelling the importance of reading for building empathy skills, knowledge of the world and also for sheer pleasure.


Events coming up


Year Group



Whole school

Loreto Day

3 June


Internet addiction: Is it real?

Science has finally caught up to what parents have suspected – some children (and adults) can (and have!) become addicted to the internet and/or video games. What is the scientific evidence behind the condition, how seriously should it be taken and what warning signs should we look out for?

Internet addiction: Is it real?

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care.