Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Nurturing Resilience

Stepping back, so they step up

Dr Judith Locke

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope the holiday period provided you all with some rest and respite from the busyness and demands of term time.  As our students commenced their holidays, our final day of term was spent amongst colleagues, engaging in our own learning. We had the privilege of hearing from Dr Judith Locke, a renowned psychologist and author of The Bonsai Child. Judith provided us with many key insights into how we can strive to build capacity and independence in our students. Judith spoke of the need to develop five essential skills in young people:

  • Resilience and the ability to cope with uncertainty and difficulty
  • Self-regulation and control in order to permit future gains
  • Resourcefulness and ability to take their own initiative to improve situations for themselves
  • Respect for others and for authority
  • Responsibility beyond themselves and the importance of being outward focussed

Resilience is one of those skills that all young people need and should have. It refers to their ability to cope and adapt in situations when confronted with challenges such as adversity, trauma, tragedy, or even stress. It is essential to their mental health and wellbeing as part of their journey to adulthood. It is a skill that can be learned from an early age through the support of an adult role model. However, being resilient does not mean your child won’t experience any difficulties, but it will better equip them to manage those situations. Over-protective parenting can be viewed as being unhelpful towards the building of resilience. Although this may be a natural instinct, potentially experiencing failure is all part of the process. Encouraging children to take healthy risks will help them trust their capacity to deal with uncomfortable situations and increase their capacity for courage.



In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will gain an understanding of how to support their child’s brave behaviour to help them adapt and build resilience. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

We are pleased to inform you that Dr Judith Locke will be presenting to parents on two evenings in 2020 and ask that you make a note of these dates:

  • 10 February 2020: Helping your child become confident and capable at school. This session is for parents of Year 5-10.
  • 11 February 2020: Year 12 and beyond. This session is for students of Years 11-12 and their parents.


Counselling at Loreto

Our Counselling Team has grown as we welcomed Alison Stevens earlier this year.  Alison has joined Emily, Cathy and Keeva in supporting and promoting the social and emotional wellbeing and growth of students. We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic Counselling Team with a diverse skill set and many years of counselling experience. The vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Loreto is a microcosm of greater society and therefore reflects global trends in mental health.  Although statistics vary, rates of anxiety have increased by at least 20% for our youth in the past decade and rates of depression have also risen as steeply. It appears that these statistics are still on the increase. Our Counsellors contribute to our preventative Pastoral programs which aim to enhance the Social Emotional capabilities of our girls. They also are available to provide support to our students with emotional, relationship, family, behavioural and mental health issues. I encourage to read the feature article prepared by our Counselling Team. 


Mrs Lynn Long

Director of Pastoral Care


Tutor Group Leaders

We congratulate the students who will assume the Tutor Group Leader roles for Term 4. 

Conversations this week

Year 11 Tutor Conversations
Year 10 The Term Ahead, with Heads of House
Year 9 Conversation with Ms Kearns
Year 8 Strategies to Enhance Organisational Skills, with Year 8 Advisors
Year 7 Grandparents and Special Friends Day, with  Year 7 Advisors