Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The importance of our school uniform

Throughout the term, the Pastoral Team has been refining our processes around supporting students to wear their uniform correctly and with pride. These processes have been discussed with Advisors and Tutors and I am pleased to report to the school community that they are now up and running. Wearing the school uniform correctly is about pride, it creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student. A uniform shows that we belong to something, and when we wear it well it says so much more about who we are.

At times though, some of our students come to school not wearing their uniform correctly. Our expectations around uniform are clearly outlined in the Student Handbook on page 23. Now is as good a time as ever to cross check these expectations with your daughter. Please avoid being talked in to allowing your daughter to get multiple piercings in her ears, or change her natural nails to acrylic or shellac because, “everyone else is doing it”. This is simply not true. Together in partnership we need to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly and well. After all, it is a smart uniform.

Here are some simple quick checks you can do regarding uniform:

  • Your daughter should be wearing her full school uniform to and from school including her hat.
  • The blazer is the outer garment.
  • School shoes need to be polished and laces replaced if tatty.
  • One earring in the lower ear lobe that is plain gold or silver studs or sleepers or small white pearls is allowed.
  • Nails are to be natural and not acrylic or shellac.

If your daughter arrives at school with makeup she will be asked to remove it at Student Services. We have introduced a steps approach to managing students who do not wear their uniform correctly. These steps are outlined below for you and will appear in the 2020 Student Handbook.

  • First Instance: a staff member speaks to the student about their uniform and lets them know that their uniform infringement will be recorded on the Uniform Reporting system.
  • Second Instance: if a student has two infringements recorded in the term, Student Services will notify the Head of House who will have a conversation with the student.
  • Third Instance: if a student has three infringements recorded in the term, Student Services will notify the Head of House and the Dean of Pastoral Care. The Dean of Pastoral Care will issue a detention and contact parents.
  • Fourth Instance: if a student has four infringements recorded in the term, Student Services will notify the Dean of Pastoral Care for further follow up which may include a parent meeting.

We value our strong partnership with parents and students and seek your support in assisting us in your daughter presenting to school in her correct uniform. If you would like to discuss your daughter’s uniform, do not hesitate to contact her Advisor, Tutor or Head of House.

Year 7 Vaccinations

Next Tuesday the 10th September, Year 7 students will have their Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (Dose 2) in the Mary Ward Centre from Period 2.  

Upcoming School Events

Whole School – RUOK Day Awareness Raising Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September

Year 7 Vaccinations – Tuesday 10 September from Period 2 to Period 5

2020 Student Council Formation and Leadership Weekend – Saturday 14 September to Sunday 15 September


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Conversations this week:

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 Merit Awards Recipients:

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Katrina Duff Elizabeth Eade Bridget Flannery Emmaline Fountain Laura Francis
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Emma Gunter Jayda Gursel Lucy Hall Mia Hallinan Abby Hartshorne
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Natasha Nery Sarah O’Donnell Ivana Ojurovic Katrina Oong Julianne Pardey
Lua Pellegrini Lucy Proszenko Angeline Raggett Elisabeth Reilly Beatrice Rogers
Abby Roman Dominique Rossell Giselle Rowland-Stefanic Laura Rushe Christina Saad
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Claudia Stratton Isabelle Sullivan Antonia Tassell Isabella Taylor Charlotte Tillbrook
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Alannah Tuttle Olivia Ukovic Caitlin Von Behr Zoe Warland Emilia Weeding
Michala White Junru Xu Eileen Yang Xiaoyezi Yang Akshara Yogesvaran
Maya Yogesvaran        


Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care