Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The passing on of leadership

‘Leaders are not born, they are made’. Nowhere is this mantra better applied than student leadership at Loreto Normanhurst.  It has been a big week at the school with the SRC elections and the outgoing Student Council handing over the leadership of the school to the new Student Council. As part of this ritual, we gathered in the Chapel for prayer and reflection led by the outgoing Liturgy Captain, Charlotte Duff-Clarke. Charlotte referred to some of the challenges experienced by the Church and she reminded the student leaders that you need to keep going when things are difficult. She says:

“So many young people are choosing to turn away from their faith and spirituality due to the awful cases of abuse, corruption and inequality that exist within our church. But also, it has become even more clear to me why people are choosing to stay. It is the core teachings of love, compassion and mercy of Christ and of God that underpin our faith, and the church that Jesus wished for his disciples to form. That is what the real, true church is, and we here at Loreto are part of that. As leaders, it is up to us to help drive this movement towards a truer church, in our actions, our words and the contributions we make to our community and those that resonate outside of our school gates.” 

The liturgy was followed by a handover discussion where the outgoing Student Council members shared their knowledge and experiences with the new Student Council. They offered the following suggestions for their peers to consider over the next 12 months:

Think for the future, learn from the past, and act in the now.  Great leaders reflect on past events to plan for future events.  However, planning and reflecting is not as important as the activities accomplished in the present.

Influence others to participate.  Leaders truly welcome participation and input from others, and encourages others to participate and contribute to group activities.

Deal with and overcome failures, mishaps, and mistakes.  A good leader does not get angered at others or sulk in self-doubt when things do not go as planned.  You must be able to pick yourself up and stay diligently on task.

SMART goals work.  Remember to align group goals with real results in mind.  Understand the importance of setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. 

Push oneself to learn more, work harder, and compete for the greater good. Seek the challenge and opportunity to grasp responsibility for oneself and advocate for others.

Delegate to all members.  The importance of spreading the workload must be realised because one person cannot do everything.

Listen before speaking.  Listening before responding increases group rapport and opens up the door for learning.

Continually asks questions.  It is not possible to know everything.  Curiosity and  inquisitiveness are key to learning and developing as a leader.

Know the rules.  When in a role that is guided by restrictions and laws, it is important to make yourself aware of them.


Student Representative Council 2020

Congratulations to the newly elected Student Representative Council who will take up their positions from Term 4 to support Jaya Reddy, Communications/SRC Captain.

  YEAR 8 Year 9 Year 10
ASTON Amber Buchanan Chloe Mackay Xanthe Althofer
BARRY Ava Harmey Madeline Studdert Emma Worner
KENDALL Sarah Chung Felicity Orman Breahna Akerboom
KURING-GAI Elli Barron Maia Henville Clara Briggs
MAYE Frances O’Brien Cate Fitzpatrick Lillian Dean
MORNANE Sophie Mota Samantha Sposari Lucy Findlay
MULHALL Charlotte Rigney Kyarah Bouchahine Ashlea Ahmed
WARD Molly Hanly Madison Webster Genevieve Hadwen


The role of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is a significant one as they represent over 450 students in the school. Jaya is very excited to be leading this group of students with the support of the Communications/SRC Leaders from the House Councils and we look forward to further updates and initiatives from the SRC over the next 12 months.


Legacy Badges – Service to the Community

Next week, students in Years 9 and 10 will be involved in selling Legacy badges and merchandise in Hornsby. We thank the girls for their service and for supporting the work of Legacy NSW.  

Year 9 Year 10
Brigid Quirk Eleanor Adlam
Madeleine Wall Jemima Davison
Shanelle Perera Charlotte Hartmann
Nihara Gunasekara Emily Soros
Chloe Lee  
Pukhraaj Mavi  
Audrey Kha  
Sarah Carrozzi  
Keira Conlin  
Sarah Gardiner  
Lily Holmes  
Kyarah Bouchahine   
Alice Kevans  

Every student at Loreto Normanhurst can learn to lead, acquire and develop their leadership skills to make a difference in the school and community in which she lives. All of the leadership roles have now been finalised for the year ahead. The school is in very capable hands. If you would like to discuss your daughter’s leadership aspirations do not hesitate to contact her Advisor, Tutor or Head of House.



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Conversations this week:

Year 12 Leadership Ritual rehearsal
Year 11 Leadership Ritual rehearsal
Year 10 Community Service Conversation with Mrs Parker
Year 9 Learning Conversation with Ms Albert
Year 8 Critical Thinking Conversation with Year 8 Team
Year 7 Perfectionism Conversation with Year 7 Team


Upcoming Events

Years 9 and 10 – Legacy Badge selling at Hornsby Westfield – Monday 2 September – Wednesday 4 September

Whole School – RUOK Day Awareness Raising –  Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September

2020 Student Council Formation and Leadership Weekend – Saturday 14 September to Sunday 15 September.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care