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Ignatian Interschool Student Forum

On Monday, ten Year 11 students were lucky enough to participate in the second Ignatian Interschool Student Forum this year. Loreto Normanhurst hosted this event and invited students from St Ignatius’ College Riverview, St Aloysius’ College, Loreto Kirribilli and St Vincent’s College to join us.

The purpose of these Forums is to focus on issues of interest to the students; to discuss these themes through the lens of their Ignatian education and allow each student to voice their opinions on world issues and to have pride in their values.

The topic chosen by Loreto Normanhurst students to discuss at this meeting was Gender Equity. 

As Loreto girls we hope to continue our journey of engagement and discovery of Ignation Spirituality at future forums throughout the year. We also hope to initiate discussion on such topical issues within the Normanhurst community so as to bring about change not just in our own community but within the wider community of school students.

Annie ClarkeYear 11




Conversations this week

Year 12

Were in conversation with their Tutors around all FACE elements of their holistic education.

Year 11

Were in conversation with their Heads of House about Loreto Day and Leadership

Year 10

Were in conversation with Mrs Vink about the dinner/dance and the SRC elections

Year 9

Were in conversation with Mrs McCullough about stillness and SRC elections

Year 8

Were in conversation with their advisors and SRC elections

Year 7

Year 7 will be learning a little more about the logistics of Loreto Day and also reflecting on first semester.


Events coming up

Year Group





25 May



Uniform and lockers

Tutors will be regularly checking uniform. Please ensure your daughter wears her hat, blazer, the correct earrings which includes no plastic coverings, nose rings, studs or earring at the top of the ear, no makeup, the correct below the knee dress length for Juniors and mid-calf for Seniors and laced up shoes.

We will also focus on keeping all lockers locked. This should instil good habits and make our girls take responsibility for their own belongings.

Have a wonderful week!

Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care



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Year 12 and 7 Buddy Breakfast Gallery


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