Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

GPs in Schools

On Wednesday 5 June, Year 11 was involved in a 2.5 hour workshop delivered by General Practitioners and Nurses as part of the GPs in Schools Program. The program aims to build confidence and health literacy in various areas including access to free healthcare, specific youth health issues, women’s health issues, confidentiality, Medicare and our individual healthcare rights as teenagers. We were able to gain insight and clarity on our own personal health rights and the confidentiality associated with this.

During the workshop we were split into groups of 15 students, and each group was allocated a GP or other healthcare professional, to whom we were able to converse and ask questions anonymously, allowing all of us to feel comfortable knowing we were in a safe environment.

Overall, we speak on behalf of all Year 11 when we say that we are very grateful to have received this insightful experience and we thoroughly believe that it should be implemented into all high schools to allow every teenager to better their understanding about their own basic rights and the common health issues affecting adolescents.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all of the health care professionals who volunteered their time to visit  Loreto  and share their empowering knowledge with us in this often unspoken area, as well as all of the Loreto Normanhurst staff who made this advantageous opportunity possible.


Mia Farrugia and Claudia Lyndon
 Year 11 Students 


The Value of Teenage Sleep 

Healthy sleep patterns are essential for adolescent growth and development. Lisa Maltman from the Sleep Connection recently visited the school and presented a workshop to Year 9 Students “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance”. Lisa highlighted the importance of sleep in the holistic development of a young person including the following:

  • Learning and academic performance: sleep helps concentration and motivation along with consolidation and strengthening of new information and memories.
  • Emotional and mental health: studies show teenagers who are sleep deprived are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, negative body image and low self-esteem.
  • Behaviour and decision making: sleep deprivation affects decision making capacity, has a negative effect on behaviour and relationships, and increases the risk of accidents. 
  • Body systems: sleep deprivation affects teenager’s physical growth, brain development, immune system and plays a key role in weight gain.

Essentially sleep is vital to a child’s wellbeing. When they sleep well, they are settled, happier and ready for school the next day. Sleep also strengthens their immune systems and supports their overall development 

Click here for the latest edition of  SchoolTV, which provides some excellent resources on the importance of sleep and useful strategies for promoting healthy sleep patterns.


Mrs Lynn Long
Director of Pastoral Care


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