Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The power of a classroom with no limits!

Learning does not just happen in the classroom with students and their teacher. Learning can happen anywhere and has no boundaries. This week, Year 10 students were involved in a robust conversation with Mr Brent Sanders, who spoke about how they can protect themselves when exposed to risk, bullying, sexual harassment, crime and discrimination. Brent’s presentation is impactful and punctuated with real world stories and statistics. This is a clear example of the school’s commitment to evidence-based student wellbeing programs that are ‘real-world’, timely and equip students with information and skills that they need in their lives. Last week, our Years 8 and 10 students participated in powerful learning and student wellbeing experiences in Collaroy and Canberra respectively. I know you will enjoy reading about these powerful programs that transcend classroom learning and offer significant transformations in our students. The Year 8 report is below and you will find the Year 10 report as a stand-alone report in the newsletter.

Year 8 Camp, Collaroy Centre

At midday last Thursday, while the majority of the Loreto Normanhurst community worked diligently in their classrooms, Year 8 students were flying through the bush on a 65m flying fox, leaping off the top of a 13m telegraph pole and navigating a two-story high ropes course!

Across Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Week 3, Year 8 headed to the Collaroy Centre to strengthen their relationships with their year group and build the confidence to be ‘Brave, Not Perfect’; the theme envisioned by their Year 8 advisors. The students enjoyed the hands on program run by the Burn Bright organisation where they practised skills to develop positive relationships with their peers – and themselves – through experiential learning activities, and lots of loud music! The positive relationships between the girls were manifested during the physical activities in particular, where it was truly heart-warming to watch them coach each other down the abseiling wall, cheer and clap each other to pull the cord on the giant swing and then run head on into each other during a friendly game of bubble soccer. A highlight for many students was the final morning of camp where advisors led their groups in personal reflections against the backdrop of the Collaroy headland.

Year 8 camp was a chance for many students to extend their connections beyond their usual friendship groups and develop more meaningful relationships with their advisors. It provided the students with safe spaces to take risks and, most importantly, have fun.

Ms Madeleine Conn
Year 8 Advisor


“‘Brave, not perfect’ is what Mr Lennon told us was the theme of our camp when we arrived to the sea breeze of Collaroy. Everyone was excited – some nervous – but we were all ready to face our fears and have a great time on Year 8 camp.

On day one, the Burn Bright program taught us about how being our authentic, original self is not always easy, but it is who we are as it’s all in our DNA. We also met new people in the first 30 minutes through Burn Bright’s challenges and activities. One highlight of the program was the skipping rope challenge, where our whole year had to make it through a moving skipping rope without touching it. The Burn Bright program taught us a lot about what it means to work as a team and that who we are is in our DNA.

Before camp started we were told that one main focus of camp was to meet new people, and we were able to do this through our cabins as we were split up with one girl from each House in each cabin, which was a great way for all of us to get to know more about each other. After our first night, we got up bright and early to get into House groups for fun activities. We completed these throughout the day, with some of our favourites being the high ropes course, the 13m drop pole, the flying fox and a match of bubble soccer. After a long day, every girl was ready for bed, but not before a competitive and creative song-making challenge about our camp experiences so far. The ‘9’ cabin snatched the title with their original rap piece!

Feeling a little down about leaving Collaroy on the final morning, we all walked down to the beach and had a relaxing session of focus and reflecting on our experiences on the sand.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the fun, challenging and exciting experience that was Collaroy Camp 2019.”

Zoe Clubb and Mia Hallinan
Year 8 Students


Loreto Day! One week to go…

There is a real buzz in the air as we move into the last week of preparations for Loreto Day! Year 11 have been incredible in working together for The Baby Milk Project, Zambia, a project run by a team of dedicated IBVM sisters under the mentorship of Sister Patricia Hanvey in Lukulu, Zambia, Africa.

So on the day, we encourage everyone to bring plenty of gold coins for the various stalls, $5 for lunch and $5 for the concert entry. Also, the Raffle tickets are due on Thursday 30 May. Please click here to look at the fantastic prizes on offer. As a community, let us unite with spirit and compassion to support the Baby Milk Project, Zambia. Let’s do it for the mothers, children and babies who need our love, care and support.

Together, lets MILK FOR MIRACLES.


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Dropping off items to Student Services

Just a friendly reminder to parents to not drop off items to the school if your daughter forgets something. It is important that the girls be as organised as possible and take responsibility for packing their bags the night before school. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Conversations this week:

Year 12  Tutor Conversations
Year 11 Leadership Conversation with Ms Ugonotti
Year 10 Careers Conversation with Ms Smith
Year 9 Values Conversation with Ms McCullough
Year 8 Friendships Conversation with Heads of House
Year 7 Advisor Conversations


Upcoming School Events

Year 10, Meningococcal Vaccinations  Tuesday 28 May
Loreto Day  Friday 31 May
Year 9, The Sleep Connection Program Wednesday 5 June
Year 11, GPs in Schools Program Wednesday 5 June


This week’s photo gallery includes photos from Mr Brent Sanders work with Year 10 and the Year 8 Collaroy Camp.  

Please feel free to contact me via email  if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan
Dean of Pastoral Care