Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Spirit of Anzac Day and Loreto Day Launch

Welcome back to Term 2! At this week’s first school assembly we participated in an Anzac Day commemoration. At times like this, we are reminded of the extraordinary resilience of people to survive, to claim their freedom and independence, to protect democracy and to defend the principles of a democratic society. Australian society, is defined, among other aspects, by a belief in elected Government, by a commitment  to the  rule of law, to equal rights for all before the law, and by a belief in  the freedom  of religion,  freedom  of speech and  freedom   of association.

It is important we affirm for young people the principles of democracy and that they are, in fact, something worth fighting for. As difficult as this may be, it is the reality of the human condition and the world we live in – we enjoy the relative freedom and prosperity of democracy in Australia because people are prepared to give their lives for it. Freedom for all begins with ourselves – our behaviours, our actions and the extent to which we allow others to prosper and flourish. If we behave in a way that maligns others or is intimidating to others, then this is in stark contrast to the spirit of the Anzacs – courage, endurance, initiative, discipline, and mateship. Anzac Day, is a day for us all to first and foremost honour the fallen soldiers and secondly, to reflect on the extent to which our behaviours align with the spirit of the Anzacs and the principles of democracy.


Loreto Day Launch

It was with much anticipation that Year 11 announced the cause  the Loreto Normanhurst community will be supporting at this year’s Loreto Day.  In Year 11, each of the eight Houses formed an Awareness Raising Team, who, on behalf of the rest of each House group, presented an eligible cause for Loreto Day 2019. The cause had to be representative of the school’s values, the five calls of the IBVM and be a part of the mission and vision of Mary Ward International.

It was with great reception that the Kendall Awareness Raising Team’s cause was chosen. This year we will support the Baby Milk Project in Zambia. The project is run by a team of dedicated IBVM sisters under the mentorship of Sister Patricia Hanvey in Lukulu, Zambia, Africa. The cause involves the acquiring and distribution of baby milk formula to impoverished children. These children are unable to be fed by their mothers and/or guardians due to them having HIV/AIDS. Year 11 feels that the Baby Milk Project is a cause that demands both our attention and our utmost love and support to strive towards alleviating these issues the Zambian population are confronted with.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has devastated Zambia. In 2016 alone, approximately 1.2 million people were affected by HIV/AIDS, with 8900 of those being children who were infected due to mother to child transmission. Upon gaining an understanding of the crushing magnitude of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Year 11 were able to understand the crucial importance of the work of the Baby Milk Project.

This year, we are aiming to go above-and-beyond with both our compassion and our assets to contribute toward the Baby Milk Project. Next week, booklets of 10 raffle tickets will be distributed to staff and students around the school. For just $20, which buys all the tickets in the book, participants in the raffle may potentially win a laptop, headphones, vouchers, and so much more. All the money raised goes toward the Baby Milk Project.

The Year 11 teams are working with dedication and drive with the staff at Loreto to ensure that this Loreto Day is successful and profitable. We’d like to extend a very warm thank you to the Pastoral Team for your ongoing support. Furthermore, we would like to thank the rest of Year 11, especially the other members of the Kendall Awareness Raising Team – Isabella Greenhalgh, Brahnie Mitchell, Zoe Ong and Zoe Madigan – for their passion and motivation toward supporting the Baby Milk Project.

It is with great excitement that we await the big day on Friday 31 May 2019. Start saving your coins and notes and as a community, let us unite with spirit and compassion to support the Baby Milk Project. Let’s do it for the mothers, children and babies who need our love, care and support.

Together, lets MILK FOR MIRACLES – which is our logo for Loreto Day and we look forward to the preparations over the next few weeks.

Stephanie Arnold and Lily Martin, Year 11 

Kendall Awareness Raising Team 2019


How much do you know about internet addiction? 
SchoolTV Report

For children and teenagers, there is no doubt that the internet can be an excellent resource for information, communication and entertainment, but parents are becoming increasingly concerned about excessive time online.

Today’s youth are the early settlers in a remarkable new world. Unfortunately, parents feel as though they are shut out of this world, often not knowing, nor understanding, what happens in this online environment.

Internet addiction is an umbrella term that refers to the compulsive need to spend a great deal of time on the internet, to the point where relationships, work and health begin to suffer. It is up to parents to monitor, not just what their children do online, but also the length of time they spend online. Many of the online games children play, do have parental controls. However, parents do not always choose to use them. Experts suggest that banning is not the answer. A better strategy is to give your child access, but remain informed, set some rules, monitor and supervise. To ignore this responsibility could create psychological and social problems in years to come.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and do hope that you find the information and the resources available valuable. If you have any concerns about your daughter at any time, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to be in contact. 

Click here to access this edition of SchoolTV.


Mrs Lynn Long

Director of Pastoral Care


Dropping off items to Student Services

Just a friendly reminder for parents to not drop off items to the school if your daughter forgets something. It is important that the girls be as organised as possible and take responsibility for packing their bags the night before school. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Conversations this week:

Year 12 Extra-Curricular Conversation with Mrs Woods
Year 11 Tutor Conversations
Year 10 Careers Conversations with Ms Smith
Year 9 FNQE Conversation with Mr Merchant
Year 8 Principal’s Conversation with Ms Ugonotti
Year 7 Advisor Conversations


Upcoming School Events

All Years – School Photo Day Program – Wednesday 8 May

Years 7 and 12 – Friday morning Communion Service and light breakfast – Friday May 10


I wish you and your daughters a successful start to Term 2. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care