Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care


Conversations this week

Year 12

Were in conversation with Mr Arruzza on ICT

Year 11

Were in conversation with their Tutors around all FACE elements of their holistic education.

Year 10

Were in conversation with Mrs Stooke about the role of the SRC and the upcoming nominations and elections

Year 9

Were in conversation with Mrs Vink about the role of the SRC and the upcoming nominations and elections

Year 8

Were at the Year 8 Camp.

Year 7

Were in conversation with our Captains about:

·         Respect to property

·         Rubbish – let us all be eco warriors and do the right thing.

·         Uniform – focus on the winter uniform eg never to roll up shirt sleeves, neatness of tie, school shoes – black lace ups

·         Loreto Day – what is this day about?

·         Year 7/12 Buddy breakfast on 20 May.


Events coming up

Year Group




Year 8 Camp

11 – 13 May


FNQ Information evening

Week 4 Friday 13 May


SRC nominations and elections

Week 4



Tuesday 17 May

7 and 12

Buddy Breakfast

Friday 20 May 7.15am


Year 7 Vaccinations on Tuesday 17  May

On Tuesday Year 7 will receive Dose 2 of the Human Papilloma Vaccine. Due to the Year 7 Vaccinations, beds in the Health Centre will be unavailable from 9am till 2pm. Please do not send your daughter to school on Tuesday morning if she has been unwell Monday night. Thank you for understanding.


Year 12 and Year 7 Buddy Communion Service and Breakfast – Friday 20 May

The Year 12 girls invite their buddy to the breakfast. It begins at 7.30am and will end at 8.15am. If you have a daughter in Year 12 or Year 7, please make sure she is at school at 7.20am on Friday. After the service the girls will receive only a light snack consisting of fruit, a muffin and popper so if your daughter is unable to have breakfast before she leaves home please give her an additional light snack.


Uniform and lockers

Tutors will be regularly checking uniform. Please ensure your daughter wears her hat, blazer, the correct earrings which includes no plastic coverings, nose rings, studs or earring at the top of the ear, no makeup, the correct below the knee dress length for Juniors and mid-calf for Seniors and laced up shoes.

We will also focus on keeping all lockers locked. This should instill good habits and make our girls take responsibility for their own belongings. All students should use their locks and keep their lockers locked.

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care