Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Loreto Day Launch

This week in House time, the enthusiastic Year 11 Loreto Day Awareness Raising Team members and the House Reps launched the cause for Loreto day. Their aim is to educate the greater Loreto community on HIV/AIDS and the impact it can have on communities. They meticulously researched and planned this launch to ensure correct factual information is shared with the staff and students. Some points from the launch are:

  • Our Loreto Day cause for this year is the Nyumbani children’s home and village that was founded by IBVM sister, Mary Owen, which aims to provide a refuge for Kenyan victims of HIV/AIDS
  • They offer assistance in all areas of life. Specifically, education, food, clothing, shelter, love and support for the approximately 1000 children that live there
  • The Children’s home is dedicated to the Kenyan children suffering from HIV/AIDS, whose parents have either died or who have been abandoned due to the stigma surrounding the disease. This place is home to more than 120 HIV-positive children from newborns up to age 23 who live in cottages of up to 14 children and a ‘parent’. These children receive medical attention, education, support on how to independently manage their disease and help to reintegrate back into their community.
  • The Nyumbani Village is a village for up to 1,000 children and 100 grandparents who have been displaced by the AIDs epidemic. The children and grandparents live in small surrogate families in the village. These people have been left behind by the ‘lost generation’. This refers to their parents, whose age group has been nearly entirely wiped out by the AIDs epidemic.
  • Over the past few years, Nyumbani has become self-sustaining through their own crops and animals- an amazing achievement and path of living for these people that we can assist through Loreto Day and our donations
  • Just to show how amazing this charity is, Sr Mary Owens IBVM said just last month that their oldest HIV-positive resident is turning 35 this year, and one boy from Nyumbani is now married with a son who is HIV-negative.
  • Even though we are focusing on the Village and the Children’s Home, Nyumbani also has two other amazing programs – the Lea Toto Outreach program which helps HIV-positive children and families in the wider community, and also the Diagnostic Laboratory which, thanks to generous donations, has high-tech equipment allowing faster and more accurate HIV/AIDs diagnosis and testing.


 Where will the money go to?

  • Loreto Day donations will go to the Nyumbani Village and Children’s home
  • Up to 1000 children and 100 grandparents who have been displaced by the Kenya AIDS epidemic live in small cottage units in the village, and have access to a pharmacy, medical clinic, youth centre, community centre, playground, library, kitchen, laundry, farm, water supply, and greenhouse. It also fosters a community environment for the children, much like a family
  • Nyumbani Village provides a stable home for the most vulnerable. It is envisioned as a temporary home, a haven for healing, growth and self-reliance
  • The money raised through Loreto Day will help this village support the many children and grandparents it provides for, and donations will specifically go to supporting:
    • The operation of this village, the upkeep of its facilities and the providing of critical medical care, housing, clothing, food and education to the children and grandparents of Nyumbani
  • Without the village, these people would be driven to the edges of society and therefore it is essential that everyone gets involved with Loreto Day and the weekly money raising activities
  • You can support the Nyumbani Children’s Home and Village further by bringing in lunch/concert money and selling raffle tickets for Loreto Day and contributing to our house stalls, which the House Representatives will talk to you more about now!
  • Nyumbani has said themselves that they had a grander vision: to stop the spread of HIV/AIDs and reduce its impact on communities. They say that one of the hardest things is the economic challenges that the families face as they currently do not meet the basic standards of housing, food and medical care. Just imagine what the money we raise can do for these families who need our help!


Loreto Day Raffle Tickets

This week your daughter received a booklet of raffle tickets as a fundraiser for Loreto Day. The prizes are fantastic

1st prize $1000 David Jones Voucher

2nd  prize $700 David Jones Voucher

3rd  prize $300 David Jones Voucher

Please help, by encouraging your daughter to sell tickets, and return them to school in an envelope with your daughter’s name on the front.  The due date for all raffle tickets is 17 June.  

Loreto Day Online Auction

Loreto Day auction team are in URGENT need of items and would appreciate your help.

Every year an online auction is held to raise more funds for the year’s cause. If in any way you are able to help in providing auction items, it would be greatly appreciated.  Auction items brought into school need to be taken to Mrs Vink’s office. The auction items can range from hampers, vouchers, or any services that can be provided, and all items regardless of their size will be received gratefully. If you know of a business or individual who could donate an item to aid this year’s cause, or if you are able to provide any item, please do not hesitate to contribute to the auction. Please contact Mrs Vink if you have any questions.

Please talk to your daughter about her House stall, Raffle tickets, and Lunch money and consider donating auction items for the on-line auction. Encourage your daughter to start saving money for the stalls on Loreto day.


Conversations this week

Year 12

Were in conversation with Mrs Bateman about:

Assessment block term 2

  • Trial Timetable
  • HSC timetable
  • HSC Students Online access – valuable resources and study tips available for the students to access.
  • HSC marks process- how they moderate assessment marks against the school examination marks and why it is so important for them to work together to lift the overall average of our school performance – how it benefits them all. 
Year 11 Were in conversation with their Tutors around all FACE elements of their holistic education.
Year 10 Were in conversation with Mrs Vink around the year 10 dinner-dance and table seating for this event.
Year 9 Were in conversation with Pluss about the NAPLAN testing next week.
Year 8 Were in conversation with their advisors about their Camp next week!  Logistics, what to pack, what we’ll be doing there, etc…
Year 7 Were in conversation with Ms Ugonotti reflecting on the Mary Ward Pilgrimage which she attended last term.


Excursion to Willoughby Girls High school – SRC network meeting

On Monday 2nd May, Shivani Reddy (Year 12), Annie Clarke (Year 11), Lucy Beer (Year 10), Amy Dalton (Year 10), Charlotte Duff-Clarke (Year 9) and Evelyn Obrien (Year 9), represented Loreto Normanhurst by attending an SRC afternoon tea at Willoughby Girls High School.  Willoughby invited schools from the Sydney Metropolitan area with a goal to receive feedback and improve their own SRC program. We were all seated at tables with students from other schools and quickly got to know them and learnt about the initiatives they have started at their schools.

We shared our ‘Super Girl Week’ idea and everybody loved the idea of girl power and embracing our unique selves just the way we are. A guest speaker, Ronny from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service also encouraged the present schools to partake in the ‘Red25’ challenge. This is where the senior students are given the opportunity to give blood and the school who has made the most donations receives a prize. After hearing that 1 in 3 people will need a blood donation in their life, we decided that this may be a good program to partake in, in the future.

Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, meeting new people and getting some new ideas that hopefully will be seen in the school soon.

Thank you Willoughby Girls High School for hosting the afternoon and to Mrs Vink and Shivani Reddy for this opportunity and Mr Chesterman for driving the bus.  I am sure we all learnt lots from this afternoon and will implement some new initiatives.

By Lucy Beer


Events coming up


Year Group




Paul Dillon to about Alcohol and other drugs

Week 2 Friday 6 May in periods 1 and 2


Year 8 Camp

11 – 13 May


FNQ Information evening

Week 4 Friday 13 May

Year 10

Year 10 received information in conversation time this week about the Year 10 Dinner Dance which will be held in Term 3 on 22nd July. Information and forms about the dance will be sent out soon. When speaking to your daughter about the dance please keep in mind this is a Year 10 dinner dance and not a formal. It is a wonderful time for the Year to come together, dance and have fun.


When your daughter is feeling unwell at school.

When at school and feeling unwell in class your daughter will inform her teacher, get her handbook signed, and go to the Health Centre where she will swipe in using her ID card. The nurse will make an assessment and either allow her to remain in the Health Centre until feeling better to return to class or the school nurse will give parents a call to come and collect the student from the Health Centre.

Students are NOT to ring their parents themselves to arrange to be met by their parents at either student reception or the Health Centre. Please discuss this arrangement with your daughter so that she is aware of the arrangement around this.

When your daughter is Absent from School

There are two ways to contact the school

  1. Email: ,  or
  2. Phone: Student Attendance Line on 9473 7354 – leave a message that includes your daughter’s name, House, Year and short reason for her absence.

Please inform the school of your daughter’s absence before 8.30am.

If your daughter’s absence remains unexplained after 8.45am, a text (SMS) message will be sent to your mobile phone reminding you to contact the school and explain her absence.

On your daughter’s return to school, a signed note explaining her absence must be provided. You can use the perforated slips in the back of your daughter’s Student Handbook. The signature of the parent or guardian is essential. The written note must be handed in on her return to school even if an email or phone call was made earlier. The note must be handed into Student Reception within seven days of the absence. The absence note is a legal requirement.

Partial Absence

If your daughter arrives to school after 8.20am, she will be required to sign in late using her Student ID Card. It is expected that she will have a note to explain her lateness – there are perforated slips in the back of each Student Handbook.

If your daughter is required to leave the school grounds earlier than 3.15pm, she will be required to sign out using her Student ID Card. A permission note not an email must be provided, clearly stating the reason for the leave and the time of departure. Again, the signature of the parent or guardian is essential.

Please contact me on or 94873488 if you have any questions.


Teachers will be regularly checking uniform and we are planning a uniform blitz in Houses next week. Please ensure your daughter wears her hat, blazer, and the correct earrings which includes no plastic coverings, nose rings, studs or earring at the top of the ear, no makeup, and laced up shoes. Tutors and students have checked through the uniform guidelines in Tutor Groups referring to the student handbook guidelines throughout weeks 1 and 2


Have a wonderful week

Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care


Merit Award recipients

First Name Surname Year House Bronze Date: Silver Date:
Hilary Middlebrook 10 AST 5/04/2016  
Emma Davies 8 BAR 5/04/2016  
Tavishi Makhija 11 BAR 5/04/2016  
Samantha Parsons 8 BAR 5/04/2016  
Faith Zalm 8 Bar 5/04/2016  
Stephanie Arnold 8 KEN 5/04/2016  
Sofia Cordina 8 KEN 5/04/2016  
Tara Forman 9 KUR 5/04/2016  
Bethany McGrath 12 KUR 5/04/2016 5/04/2016
Claire Milthorpe 12 KUR 5/04/2016  
Penelope Ryan 12 MAY 5/04/2016  
Arabella King 8 MOR 5/04/2016  
Flynn Metzmacher 8 MUL 5/04/2016 5/04/2016
Annabel Curran 8 WAR 5/04/2016  
Miranda McDonald 8 WAR 5/04/2016  
Grace Tassell 8 WAR 5/04/2016