Parent Association of Loreto

Parent Association of Loreto

Tuition Fee Raffle 

 There are only 74 tickets  left in the Tuition Fee Raffle! For the cost of $100 per ticket, one family will win $15,000 to be credited to their 2021 tuition fees.

With so few opportunities for PAL to fundraise this year, this is one way families can support our school.  Proceeds from this raffle will be used by PAL to support the aims of the school. Tickets are on sale until Wednesday 2  December unless sold out prior, with the winner drawn at 10am on Friday 4  December. 

Click HERE  to purchase a ticket.

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The PAL AGM was held on Wednesday 11 November.

President’s Report – PAL AGM

2020 has been a year no one predicted or asked for! 2020 changed the way we learn and work. There was much uncertainty and continual changes to government restrictions. On behalf of PAL, I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Marina Ugonotti and the wonderful staff at Loreto Normanhurst for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The school, at all times, made it a priority to protect the safety and wellbeing of our girls whilst providing them with excellent online learning programs and support.  They provided a sense of togetherness even though the girls were not physically together. We are grateful for this strong leadership and guidance.

Thank you to the Development Office for their ongoing support of PAL. In recent years, the PAL Executive Committee has worked closely with Ms Grace Paraino, Dean of Development and Alumni. We thank Grace for her guidance and support of the PAL over these years. PAL are excited to work with the new Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement, Ms Liane Giuliano. Liane will be PAL’s main point of contact with the school and we look forward to working with her. Thanks to Lauren Kirkby and Lynette Foley-Jones from the Development Office, who are a constant source of support and knowledge to PAL.

Thank you to the PAL Committee – Sally, Vicki, Lukas, Jo, Sally, Peter and Janet – for their work and ongoing support throughout the year. Special mention to Jo West, who stepped down as Treasurer at the end of Term 3 due to moving out of Sydney. Jo was a hard working Treasurer who initiated many positive changes. We wish Jo and her family all the best with their tree change. Thanks to Lukas Aviani, who took on Treasurer role whilst still Secretary of PAL.

In 2020, the Executive Committee planned to focus on further building the parent community especially in year groups via the Year Parent Representative network. There were a total of 39 parents who volunteered to be Year Parent Representatives from Years 5-12. These Year Parent Reps had planned many opportunities for parents to gather together but unfortunately these events were unable to go ahead. We thank these parents for their time and effort throughout the year. Special mention must go to our Year 12 Parent Reps, Danielle Pringle and Joanna McDonald, for their efforts. This is their last year as Loreto parents and we wish them well. The Committee will carry the Year Parent Reps initiative into 2021.

PAL started the year strong with a successful Open Day. This year, year groups were allocated to run the stalls and this worked well. The PAL stall sold merchandise with the parent LN caps selling very well.

PAL were mindful that many families in our community were doing it very tough, facing hardship and challenges caused by the uncertainty of the pandemic and the economy. Much of our fundraising was put on hold. This term we did launch our Annual Fees Raffle. Tickets have been selling well and the raffle will be drawn on 4 December 2020.

We hope 2021 will give PAL more opportunities for fundraising and to bring our parent community together.

Thank you to those who have volunteered to be on the PAL Committee for 2021.

The PAL Committee for 2021 is:



Jane Dalton

Co-Vice Presidents

Vicki Kevans

Sally Lee


Janet Doyle


Lukas Aviani

Boarder Liaison

Anita Burke

Primary Parent Coordinator

Neidra Motha

Committee Members

Peter Bentley

Jennifer Goodall

Sally Oong

Andrew Zhang


The Year Parent Representatives are an important part of PAL. We are still finalising the Year Parent Reps for 2021. Many are returning from this year and we thank those parents who have volunteered. If you are interested in becoming a Year Parent Representative for 2021, please contact Jane Dalton or on 0410 300 402.