Parent Association

Parent Association

The Parent Association Executive Team welcomes you!

Welcome back to 2018 at Loreto Normanhurst and we extend a very special welcome to all new families.

We would like to formally introduce ourselves as Co-Presidents for 2018.  Rob Critchlow’s daughters are Paige (Year 8) & Sophie (Year 6). Tracey Hartshorne’s daughters are Abby (Year 9) & Zoey (Year 10). Please welcome the rest of the 2018 PAL Executive Team:

• Co Vice-President: Stephen Hanich
• Co-Secretaries: Jane Bolster & Jen Arnold
• Treasurer: Mal Foubister
• Assistant Treasurer: Jane Hall
• Boarder Liaison: Sara Roche & Suzie Sherwood
• Secondary & Co-Primary Parent Co-Ordinators: Katrina Leonardi & Sally Lee
• General Committee Members: Angela Quinn, Martha Heaton, Sally Oong

Earlier this week the PAL Committee members met and welcomed new Years 5–11 families at the new parent morning teas. We are all looking forward to meeting and working together with you all at various functions throughout 2018.


How to get involved

By now you should have received your Loreto Normanhurst 2018 Calendar with key dates for significant school activities, social functions and fundraising initiatives highlighted throughout each term. We hope you will continue your involvement if you are an existing family, or join in if you are a new family within our active Parent Community. All are truly welcome!

Some key dates for this term are:

16 February: Cocktail and Information Sessions
28 February: Parent Association Meeting, 7.30pm Curran Theatre – all welcome
10 March: Open Day
20 March: Primary Parent Dinner
24 March:  Year 7 Family Dinner
28 March: City/Country Mother’s Lunch

We encourage you to get involved at Loreto Normanhurst and we would appreciate help in one of the following ways:

Volunteering:   Help as a Parent Co-ordinator or as a volunteer at school events.
Participation:   Social events contribute to building a stronger community and assist you to get to know your daughter’s friends and their families.
Sharing:  Your knowledge, ideas, skills, experience and feedback can be employed across a range of school and PAL events.
Support: We welcome your support of school fundraising activities and charitable causes.

Parent Co-ordinators are a fabulous resource to “spread the word” and to encourage attendance across year groups for PAL events. In addition, Parent Co-ordinators often organise smaller group functions which, as well as being fun, play an important role in facilitating connections between you and other PAL members and students’ families. If you are interested in the role of Parent Co-ordinator for your year group please email Tracey.

We are looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old ones over the next few weeks. Once again everyone is so very welcome at Loreto Normanhurst. It’s going to be a fabulous year!


Rob Critchlow  & Tracey Hartshorne

PAL Co-Presidents

Boarder Community Update

The usual Sydney January humidity greeted the boarders last Sunday as they all returned for the start of the year.   This year we have welcomed 37 new families along with 6 new siblings from existing families. With changes in boarder weekend leave it is nice to welcome a few Day families to boarding. The maintenance staff did a great job ferrying the large bags and tubs up from the cars and it was also an opportunity for Dads to catch up as they hauled their daughters’ worldly goods up to the dorms!  However, they were really looking forward to the somewhat “more relaxing” Boarder Parent drinks that afternoon.

At the conclusion of the drinks, families who did not need to head straight home headed to the Blue Gum Hotel for a meal and further catching up.    We had great attendance. Thank you to the all the staff who organised the afternoon, and thanks to Ms Watkins and Ms Ugonotti who were able to join us.

Thank you!


Sara Roche

PAL Boarder Liaison

Primary School Update

For those who may have missed our Primary School welcome on Wednesday, it is our great pleasure to welcome back Katrina Leonardi and also to introduce and welcome Sally Lee as Primary School Parent Co-Ordinators on our PAL Executive Committee. Katrina is mother of Ciara (Year 6) & Isabella (Year 9) and Sally is a new parent and mother of Georgia (Year 5). Sally and Katrina are enthused about the year ahead with many exciting things planned for Primary specifically – as well as whole school events.

We are looking forward to working together with you and celebrate all that Loreto has to offer across Years 5-12.


Katrina Leonardi & Sally Lee

PAL Primary Parent Co-Ordinators



CLASS OF 1957 & 1958 REUNION

When: Wednesday 14  February 2018
Where: NSW Masonic Club, Sydney CBD

Please contact Mary Poirrier  for further information.



When: Saturday 24  March 2018

Please click  here    for further information


When: Friday 18 – Sunday 20  May 2018

A broad range of challenging and inspirational speakers will each bring their unique perspectives to the theme  ‘Be the Change’. Join us to hear their insights and stories as they share their personal journeys to action change in our world.

Join us for the full weekend, one day or just the Gala Dinner!

Full speaker profiles and further information, including registration,  will be available soon.