Parent Association

Parent Association

From the  Co-Presidents

This week many parents, students and ex-students took up the school’s invitation to attend the first Spirituality Evening of 2016,  commemorating International Women’s Day 2016. What an inspiring evening this was with the showing of the documentary ‘He Named Me Malala’ , followed by a panel discussion reflecting on Malala’s story, chaired by Shivani Reddy, Loreto Normanhurst Communications Captain.

Keep an eye out for the next Spirituality Evening, which are held once per term. They are well worth the time investment if you can juggle the diary and other commitments to get there, (sometimes easier said than done!).

We would also like to say thank-you to all of the wonderful families who were able to join us for the Primary Parent Dinner on Monday evening. It was a very special occasion and was a wonderful chance to meet other Primary families. 

Invitations have now been despatched for the Year 7 Family Dinner and the City Country Mothers Lunch.  Two very special events to consider attending – simply click on the “TryBooking“ link in the invitations. 


Year 7 Family Dinner

The Year 7 Family Dinner always brings a smile to my face as I think about the boot scooting with parents and children all joining in. It is also a lovely way to meet other Year 7 girls that I had heard my daughter talking about, as well as their parents and other siblings. 

Our Year 8 Parents traditionally assist with this event. Remember those beautiful decorations from last year and the parents who helped you find your seat? That could be you this year, for our new Year 7 families. A call for volunteers has been sent out across Year 8. Hopefully you may be available for an hour or two to assist with set-up on the day or night. If so, please email Janette O’Brien: our PAL Executive team member who is kindly co-ordinating this event for 2016.

Please click here for the Invitation


City / Country Mothers’ Lunch

Of course the City / Country Mothers’ Lunch is a real treat. For those travelling from regional areas, there is the added excitement that this is the last day of term and their girls will be returning home for the holidays. 

There is something very special about walking through the Boarder Reception area on this day, to attend the luncheon. One can catch a glimpse of preparations by the staff and the girls for their departure the next day for the holidays. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends arrive for the lunch, there is always a story to be told. Whether it is an encounter with a large kangaroo on the journey to Sydney or  a marathon 6 hour drive to make it in time for a glass of champagne on arrival, the rising noise levels, laughter and friendly hospitality shown by city and country mums alike, is a very special part of our school.  So, don’t miss out!  Come along and soak up the atmosphere in the beautiful Boarders’ Dining Room. A place where you feel the history and heritage that is the Boarding School of Loreto Normanhurst.  If you do not know anyone else attending, we will place you on a table with parents from your Year Group (this is what I did as a Year 7 mother and it was a lovely way to meet some parents from regional areas as well as Sydney too).

Please click here for the Invitation


Open Day 2016: Saturday 19 March

Finally, don’t forget to bake a cake for the Open Day Cake Stall (located outside the Curran Theatre, near the Mary Ward statue) and to think about volunteering to help out on a PAL sponsored stall on the day. We will be sending a ‘cake kit’ home to all day families with your eldest daughter next week, for you to bake a cake or slice of your choice. As always we are looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations on the day!

Open Day rosters are booked in 1 hour timeslots so you can book to help out for 1 hour or longer if you really love this event!  Bookings for volunteers can be made via the TryBooking system – please click here.  All are welcome and all help is greatly appreciated.





Saturday, 19 March

Loreto Normanhurst Open Day, 11.00am – 3.00pm

Saturday, 2 April 

Year 7 Family Dinner, Gymnasium, 6:30pm

Friday, 8 April

City/Country Mothers’ Lunch, Boarders’ Dining Room, 11.30am


Best wishes,

Sue & Louise

Parent Association Co-Presidents