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Parent Association

Co-Presidents’ Message



Take the plunge, think about taking on this role with a friend for 2017. It will only take a little bit of your time, but we guarantee you will have a whole lot of fun and will get more out of this than you have to put into it…please think about it and let us know via email if you are interested and we will help you from there!

Our Year Parent Co-ordinators play a key role as a personal contact point for the Parent Association of Loreto (PAL) across Year Groups and House Groups.  They help  bring parents together and ensure key messages make it out to families providing updates on PAL and Development Office events.  You don’t have to attend all of the events, but you can make a difference by providing the personal touch, for example, welcoming a new family to the school in your Year Group, encouraging parents to get a table together for a school fund raising event or helping to organise a social gathering for your Year Group or House Group. Any or all of the above will make a difference and ensure we continue to build a culture of friendship and collaboration at Loreto Normanhurst.

Drop an email to Sue   or Louise  and we will send you some information outlining the role.  Your contribution will make a difference. Please consider joining us.



What a wonderful response to this exciting raffle, 300 tickets sold out! Don’t forget, the draw will take place on Friday 9 December 2016 and the winner will be advised Friday afternoon.   


City / Country Mothers’ Weekend Away: “MAGNIFICENT MUDGEE”

Our City / Country Mothers’ Weekend Away in Mudgee  raised over $2,000 for the Loreto Mission, Entally India!

Not only did the Mums in Mudgee have a wonderful time catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones, we also decided to use our time away to raise money for a very worthy organisation – the Loreto Mission in Entally India. I am delighted to advise we raised $2,247.00.  This is an incredible outcome and a big thank you to those mums who donated prizes for the raffle and to all of the mums in Mudgee for buying tickets!



WHEN: 19 – 21 MAY 2017

Look out for the invitation that will be sent out to all Dads through the Parent Association mailbox. This will be a great chance for Dads across City and Country to get together in a great setting.  All are welcome across Years 5 – 12.  Give Mal Foubister a call or drop him an  email  if you are interested in coming along.


Year 10 Dads Drinks

when: Friday 2 december 2016
venue: Bluegum Hotel, Waitara
time: 5:00pm

Come along and join other Year 10 Dads for dinner and drinks at the Bluegum Hotel, Waitara, on Friday 2 December 2016 from 5:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!


Year 6 Big Bouncy Bash – Inflatable World

when: Sunday 4 December 2016
time: 9:45am

Year 6 girls are invited to a Big Bouncy Bash at Castle Hill Inflatable World on Sunday 4 December 2016, 9:45am – 12:00pm. Please  click here for the invitation!


Year  5  Parent Drinks

when: Tuesday 6 december 2016
time: 7:30pm

Come and join other Year 5 Parents for drinks on Tuesday 6 December 2016 from 7:30pm. Please click here for the invitation.



Gosh, what a busy year it has been, but what fun and laughter we have had and the new friendships we have forged! Sounds very much like what Mary Ward spoke of when focussing on Felicity

Felicity is nourished by fun and celebration, by beauty and creativity, by sensitivity to the natural environment and by opportunities of self-expression and for reflection 

 – Mary Ward


Sounds just like us!  So on that note, as the year draws to a close we wish parents and friends, students and faculty the very best of health & happiness over the festive season and into the new year and beyond.


Upcoming Events – Term 4



Friday, 2 December Year 10 Dads Drinks, Bluegum Hotel, Waitara, 5:00pm
Sunday, 4 December Year 6  Big Bouncy Bash, Inflatable World, Castle Hill, 9:45am.
Tuesday, 6 December Year 5 Parent Drinks, 7:30pm


Best wishes,

Sue & Louise

Parent Association Co-Presidents