Parent Association

From the  Co-Presidents

Welcome back to 2016 at Loreto Normanhurst and a very special welcome to new families.

We have already started the year with much laughter and activity across the Parent Community as the Parent Association of Loreto (PAL) committee members met with new families to welcome them to Loreto Normanhurst during Morning Teas held across Monday and Tuesday for Years 5 – 11 this week.

Our team also had the chance to say a few words at the Year 12 “Year Ahead” forum on Monday night. This will be a very special year for the Year 12 families and there is already much interest in attending a range of favourite PAL events across the year (City/Country Mothers Lunch, Trivia Night, Mission Dinner) as they make the most of these events to mark what is for many, their final year at Loreto Normanhurst.

You will hear us speak a lot about how you can get involved at Loreto Normanhurst. We hope you will continue your involvement if you are an existing family or join in if you are a new family with our active parent community. All are truly welcome and we appreciate everyone’s help in one of the following ways:

VOLUNTEERING:  Help out as a Year Parent Co-Ordinator (details below) or as a volunteer helper at a school event.

PARTICIPATION:  Get involved in social events which contribute to building a strong community, whilst helping you get to know your daughter’s friends’ parents.

SHARING: Your knowledge, ideas, skills, experience and feedback across a range of School and PAL events.

SUPPORT: We welcome your ongoing support of school fund raising activities and charitable causes.

With this in mind, we encourage all parents to attend the relevant “Welcome to 2016 Wine and Cheese Evening” as noted in the School Calendar as a means to find out what the year will bring for your daughter and a chance to connect with the parents of your daughter’s friends. We would also encourage you to come along to the PAL General Meetings and hear first hand from Ms Watkins what is planned for the school this year. Take the opportunity to ask a question, or simply listen and understand a little more about these plans.  

There are many events throughout the year, organized by the School and the Parent Association and we will update you each week on activities and upcoming events through either PAL email or the School Newsletter. We will look forward to meeting you at some stage throughout the year.

Finally, at the start of a new school year, it is timely to once again provide a few details on how the Parent Associate operates.


Parent Association (PAL) :

The Executive    Committee oversees and is responsible for all of the PAL events run throughout the year. The Executive is also responsible for the financial health and governance of the Association.

Sub committees  are formed to manage the planning of large events. This year our major PAL event will be a Trivia Night on Saturday 21st May. Whilst PAL committee members are often involved in event management, we are very grateful for the offers of support from volunteers across the parent community to ensure the success of these events. Please contact Mal Foubister if you would like to be involved in the Trivia Night or any other event throughout the year.

Year Parent Coordinators –  A fabulous resource to “spread the word” and encourage attendance for PAL events. In addition, Year Parent Coordinators often organise smaller year group functions which are great fun, whilst also playing an important role in facilitating connections between you and the parents of your daughter’s friends. If you are interested in being a Year Parent Coordinator please contact:

Sue Whipps:

 Louise Wytenburg:

Primary School Liaison: As our Primary School continues to grow and develop following the re-opening in 2015, we are very excited to have Caitlin Studdert in the role of Primary School Liaison within the PAL team for 2016. Caitlin takes over from Louise Wytenburg who established the role in 2015. Primary parents if you would like to ask any questions this term related to PAL or would like more information on the Primary Year Parent role, please contact Caitilin at






Wednesday 24 February

Year Parent Coordinators’ Meeting, Gonzaga Barry Centre 1.02, 6:45pm

Wednesday 24 February

Parent Association Meeting, Curran Theatre, 7.30pm

Saturday 19 March

Loreto Normanhurst Open Day, 11.00am – 3.00pm

Friday 8 April

City/Country Mothers Lunch, Boarders’ Dining Room, 11.30am 


We are looking forward to a great year ahead, reconnecting with existing friends here at the school, forging new friendships along the way and having lots of fun as part of the very special parent community that is  Loreto Normanhust.  


Best wishes,

Sue Whipps & Louise Wytenburg

Parent Association Co-Presidents