‘Our Time is Now’ – Annual Giving 2021

‘Our Time is Now’ – Annual Giving 2021

You will have already received communications in your email inbox this week seeking your support of our 2021 Annual Giving campaign, ‘Our Time is Now.’  This campaign supports our School’s Bursary Program, which is made possible only through the generous donations of our community.

The Bursary Program opens up the opportunity for a Loreto education to students and families in necessitous circumstances. The collective impacts of bushfires, floods, drought and mice plagues on our rural families, and the universal impact of COVID-19 have put financial and emotional pressure on many families and we are honoured to support 19 families this year through the program.

At Loreto Normanhurst, we are fortunate to draw from a long history of advocating for women’s rights and supporting those most in need. We are proud of our tradition of educating women who are compassionate warriors who actively participate in the world; women like Tessa Regan (’04) who was afforded a Bursary when her family was affected by drought.

The Bursary Fund provides girls such as myself with a promising future that would not have been possible at home. Cherishing every moment at Loreto, I took with me many memories and life-long friends… I am immensely grateful for those who gave me the opportunity to attend Loreto Normanhurst and I am honoured to be able to give my support to this appeal.

Tessa Regan (’04)

We are privileged to share Tessa’s story as part of this appeal, and invite you to contribute to the education of generations of future Loreto women like Tessa.

To make a tax-deductible donation to our Bursary (Welfare) Fund or Building Fund, please follow the link below.

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