Orientation Day

On Thursday 27th October and Friday the 28th we hosted our Orientation event for all students new to our Secondary School in 2017.  It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome some existing LN families and many new families into our Loreto family!   A Parent Information Session allowed parents to connect with our Leadership Team and their Heads of House and other families within their House and gain some insight into ‘how things work’ and to ask some questions.  All students went through an Orientation experience involving connecting with other students, touring the school, in-class experiences, fun activities and sport trials.  There was also some valuable testing conducted in amongst all the fun to assist us in transitioning all our new students into Loreto as seamlessly as possible next year.  We also have the wonderful world of Boarding and whilst our Boarder students for next year enjoyed the same experiences as our Day students, they were invited to a Boarder Sleepover on the Thursday night and then spent the following day moving through various appointments connecting them to the varied aspects of our school.  It was a fabulously exciting and informative 2 days and we look forward with much anticipation for a wonderful 2017 Loreto experience.


Mrs Odette Perkins

Enrolments Manager