Oratory News

Oratory News

Congratulations to our CSDA Public Speaking Zone Finalists, who did such an amazing job participating in their first Virtual Oratory Event. Further congratulations to Erin Longney (Year 11) and Frances O’Brien (Year 9) for being selected to participate in the CSDA Public Speaking Grand Finals today. This is an incredible achievement for both girls and I’m delighted to report that Frances won first place in the Year 9 division. Congratulations to all participants. 

The Archdale and CSDA Debating organisations are currently finalising their plans and draws of Term 3. At this point in time, both competitions will run in a reduced capacity. The focus for these competitions is now about providing students with the opportunity to debate, rather then a competition as such.

We are currently considering how we can best engage in these competitions with our students. If we require trials, we will contact students at the start of next week.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial has recommenced and our first virtual Trial will be held on 20 July. We wish these students the best of luck as they prepare their first virtual case.

Youth UN Evatt

Goodluck to Year 10 students Michelle Hoffman  and Ella Mckenzie who are participating in the Youth UN Evatt event on 23 June. The girls have been assigned the Dominican Republic and are discussing “Penal Sentencing Laws”. The competition will be a challenge, and I thank those who are helping the girls prepare.

For any further enquiries, please contact the oratory team at Oratory@loretonh.nsw.edu.au

Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator