What is High School Debating?

To prepare students in Years 7 and 8, a workshop will be delivered by the Academic Activities Leaders and Senior Debaters. This workshop is a one hour session and will be run on Tuesday 27 February from 3:30-4:30pm.

This is a great workshop for students to discover debating in a fun environment at high school. Students do not need to register as a debater to attend, and they are not automatically part of the debating team if they do attend. If your daughter is interested in attending, please ensure that the attached permission note is completed and sent electronically to Oratory by Monday 26 February.


CSDA and Archdale Debating

Registration has opened for Debating for both CSDA  and Archdale  debating. Please ensure that before your daughter registers, you take time to ensure that the dates outlined for both competitions do not clash with existing commitments. It is important that students commit to their team and are available for training and debating. The dates for both competitions are attached  above and information regarding fees, selection process and training sessions are available in the Oratory Handbook. Any further questions can be directed to the Oratory Coordinator.

Please note, this year we will be implementing an attendance policy. This will be communicated via the newsletter in the coming weeks.

To register for debating, please use the following link. Registrations close on Friday 9 March and trials, if required, will take place after school in Week 8. Students will be given information about this in Week 7.


Rostrum Voice of Youth

Rostrum Voice of Youth is a public speaking competition organised by Rostrum. Students can nominate for this competition via the following link.

Nominations will close on Thursday 1 March with trials, if required, to be held in Week 7. Time and venue to be confirmed.

Further information regarding this competition can be found here.

The date for Loreto Normanhurts’s round is Thursday 15 March 2018 and there are options available for session start times in the nomination process.


UN Youth Australia

UN Youth Australia offers a number of programs through the year. These programs are designed to be fun, educational and give students a taste of UN work. The following opportunities have opened for registration. Please register your interest with Ms O’Dwyer before you complete your registration.


Coaches and adjudicators

We are inviting ex-students and parents to be a part of the Oratory@LN team in 2018. We are looking for adjudicators and coaches and no experience is necessary, just simply an interest in all things oratory. You will need a Working with Children number.

If you are interested, please contact the Oratory Team.

For further information, please refer to the Oratory@LN Handbook or contact me via   email.


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator