Congratulations to Dominica Leaver (Year 12) who participated in the Lions Youth of the Year last weekend. Dominica presented a prepared speech on Community Aid programs that aim to help support families to raise children in their own home and to reduce the need to send them to orphanages due to extreme poverty. Dominica also presented two impromptu topics. They were:

  1. Is it appropriate to retain the 26th of January as Australia Day?
  2. Social Media has become a popular way to discuss the news. Please discuss the pros and cons.

Dominica performed exceptionally well and we thank her for taking part as the Loreto Normanhurst representative.

We will be hosting an Introduction to High School Debating for Year 7 and 8 students on Tuesday 27 March. Students have received information and a permission note via email. We encourage all Year 7 and 8 students who are interested in debating to take part in this workshop. It will be run by our senior debaters and Academic Activities Captains. Please note that you do not have to attend this workshop to be considered in a debating team.

Nominations for the CSDA Public Speaking Competition will open over the weekend via a link that will be sent to students. All students in Years 7-12 can nominate, however only two from each year group will be selected to participate. Nominations will close on Wednesday 21 February and trials will take place at the end of next week. Further information about CSDA Public Speaking can be found in the Oratory Handbook and on the  CSDA website.

Nominations for CSDA and Archdale Debating will begin at the end of next week. The link will be sent to students. Please refer to the attached dates for both CSDA and Archdale Competitions. It is important that for team continuity and development of skills, students are available to attend all dates for debating as indicated in the attachments.


Your daughter can also make contact with their respective House Academic Activities Leader or the School Academic Activities Captain. This year, these students are:

School Academic Activities Captain: Gabrielle Couter

Aston: Abigail Ardron

Barry: Lauren Marshall

Kendall: Gina Mark

Kuring-Gai: Alexandra Saad

Maye: Daniella Bianchi

Mornane: Amy Dalton

Mulhall: Rosalind Daly

Ward: Lecquia Chang


We are also looking for ex-students and parents who wish to be coaches or adjudicators for the Oratory Program in 2018. Please contact the Oratory Team for further information.


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator