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Congratulations to Eloise Carey, Year 11, who participated in this year’s NSW Virtual Constitutional Convention. We wish Eloise the best of luck in her application to participate in the 2021 Australian Constitutional Convention. Eloise has shared with us her experience of this year’s convention, which included a presentation from Professor Anne Twomey.

Participating in the NSW Constitutional Convention was an incredibly exciting opportunity. The ability to hear from Professor Twomey was amazing, even if it was via Zoom! The Constitution often seems to many like an old, arbitrary document, but it was so interesting to hear about how it is relevant in 2020 during the pandemic.

Decisions made by parliamentary officials must take the document into account, and hearing about the justifications as to why decisions were made during the pandemic enlightened my understanding as to why  2020 has played out the way it has.

Additionally, it was amazing to be able to engage with other students across NSW who are also interested in the Constitution. I loved the Q&A section where Professor Twomey answered questions of other participants. I found it really valuable to hear the opinions of my peers, and this left me thinking about the relevance of the Constitution in modern society, and whether more referendums need to be engaged in order to ensure law is serving our citizens adequately.

Eloise Carey, Year 11


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator