To the AIS NGS Super Virtual Debating Competition Years 7 and 8 Team, who won their debate this week against Swan Christian College, Western Australia. The team now moves to the Quarter Finals.

To those who participated in the 2020 AHIGS Virtual Festival of Speech. A special mention to Tahlia Moses who was selected in the top 10 for the Junior Poetry Section.

To the Year 11 Kirby Cup Team who were awarded with Special Commendation for their Podcast for this year’s event. Students, instead of participating in a mooting competition, were invited to submit a response to: “The Rule of Law in times of Crisis.” As a result of their work, the girls have been awarded Conditional Entry into a Law Degree at Western Sydney University. The Podcast is available for you to listen to here:


NSW Constitutional Convention 2020

Good luck to Eloise Carey who will participate in this year’s NSW Virtual Constitutional Convention. The event will focus on current political issues in relation to the Division of Powers amongst the commonwealth and state governments.


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator