Festival of Speech

Good luck to all students participating in this year’s Festival of Speech, being held at Meriden, Strathfield. This is our pinnacle event of the year. Festival of Speech celebrates all things oratory with events including public speaking, drama, poetry, readings, religion and ethics and current affairs. Students have been working tirelessly with their coaches in the lead up to the event. We would love an audience so please come along and see our talented students in action. For anyone wanting to get a feel for Oratory@LN – this is the event for you.

Competitors are reminded to arrive in time for registration and ensure you have copies of your adjudication form and multiple copies of your resources.


Kirby Cup

Over the opening weeks of Term 4, the following students have been working tirelessly on the 2019, Kirby Cup Brief. Kirby Cup is a Mooting competition, run by Western Sydney University and is the only Mooting competition available to High School students in NSW. Students are presented with a case and are required to prepare submissions for both the Appellant and the Respondent. On Tuesday, the 29 October, students will travel to Western Sydney University to compete in the competition.

The year we have two teams entered. We wish the following Year 11 students the best of luck:

Maanya Maini  

Charlotte Greenhalgh

Olivia Carrozzi

Lihara Delungahawatte

Isabella Tziolis

Isabella Greenhalgh

Kimia Degani

Samantha Parsons


For further information, please contact us at oratory@loretonh.nsw.edu.au


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator