To the CSDA teams for their efforts last week. The topics were really tough and St Pius X College were great debaters.

To The Archdale teams for their efforts last week. Some great topics to think about in our current political environment.



To those student participating in various Evatt Youth NSW events over the next week.


CSDA Reminder

Round 5 will be held at Loreto Normanhurst against OLMC Parramatta. CSDA will be aiming for a coin toss at 6:00pm again this week. We will return to our usual meeting space in the DRC.  Students are reminded to be there for coaching at 3:30pm.


Archdale Reminder

Archdale, Round 3 will be held at Loreto Normanhurst. Students are to meet in the DRC at 3:30pm. Students will finish their debates at the following approximate times:

  • Year 7-8 at 6:30pm
  • Year 9-12 will finish at 7:30pm


Around the dinner table

Try the following topics around your dinner table this week:

  • That the minor parties and independents are undermining our democracy.
  • That students should be allowed to protest.
  • That we need to learn to disagree civilly.


The news

The news cycle is fast and in a demanding and busy day its often difficult for  students to find the time to engage in the news and gain an appreciation for what is happening in the world. However, it is important for all students, not just debaters, to be aware of and have a knowledge of what is happening in their local and global communities. For those just starting to have an interest in the news, Behind the News, ABC and The Project, Channel 10 are great. For those students who are looking for something with a bit more depth, check out the news from sources like the ABC and SBS television stations, and the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers.

For further information, please contact us at the Oratory Team.


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator