To Olivia Alexander (Yr 8) for placing 4th in the Junior Poetry section of Festival of Speech. Olivia did an exceptional job. Congratulations also the following students for their participation in the event.

Snr Public Speaking – Abigail Roberts (Yr 10)

Jnr Public Speaking – Annika Shankar (Yr 9)

Snr Poetry – Tamsyn Coetzee (Yr 11)

Jnr Poetry – Olivia Alexander (Yr 8)

Jnr Reading – Frances O’Brien (Yr 7)

Snr Reading – Ella Anderson (Yr 11)

Jnr Debate – Julia Reuben (Yr 9), Mia Cohen(Yr 9), Lucy Findlay (Yr 9), Isabelle Reid (Yr 8)

Snr debate – Hannah John (Yr 11), Gahee Bong (Yr 11), Maanya Maini (Yr 10)

Current Affairs – Isabella Greenhalgh (Yr 10), Charlotte Greenhalgh (Yr 10), Anna Mossie (Yr 11)

R&E – Gian Ellis-Gannell (Yr 10), Antonia Tassell (Yr 11), Anastasia Leaver (Yr 11)

Drama – Nicola Sherwood (Yr 10), Tara Savell-McKean (Yr 10), Tahlia Harris (Yr 10),  Sofia Halliday (Yr 10), Annabelle Mitchell (Yr 10), Gabriella Sposari (Yr 10)


Congratulations to the following students for their participation in this year’s Kirby Cup. Once again the students worked tirelessly in preparing their submissions for this Mooting competition. In Round 1, the students were narrowly defeated by one point. As a result of their close scores, the team was invited to participate in Round 2 where they were defeated by last year’s grand final team from Queenwood. This year’s team members were:

Antonia Tassell

Hannah John

Gahee Bong

Lillian Barker

R: Breanna Ivankovic


Well done to the students who have participated in the friendly debates against The King’s School. It has been a fun way to celebrate a great Oratory year and freshen up our debating skills before the break.

For further information, please contact the Oratory Department  


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator