To the CSDA debaters last week for winning 11 out of 12 debates – what an outstanding result! This week we travel to Riverview. For those coming to watch, please park in the Gartlan Sports Centre carpark and make your way to the Memorial Hall. The coin toss will take place around 5:30pm with debates beginning from 6:30pm.

To the Archdale debaters for Round 1. Special mention to the Year 7B and Year 9 teams for winning their debates. Next week we debate at Danebank Anglican School for Girls in Hurstville. Don’t forget, Year 7 and Year 8 debates start at 5:30pm and Years 9-12 begin at 6:30pm. If you are picking your daughter up from Loreto Normanhurst, the bus should arrive around 8:45pm.

To the Mock Trial Team, who on Monday night competed against Barker College in Round 3. The team were marginally beaten by Barker. The girls have put in considerable effort in preparing for this trial. Round 4 details will be announced soon.

To Khushi Arora (Year 11) for participating in the Plain English Speaking Awards competition on Wednesday. Khushi did exceptionally well and presented a prepared speech on her topic of ‘Just give it time’. The impromptu set by the adjudicator was ‘Overcoming the odds’. A really tough topic when you have three minutes to prepare and then three minutes to speak.

To Tamsyn Coetzee (Year 11) and Isabella Mincher (Year 11) for participating in Evatt Youth NSW on the weekend. The girls have written a short article about their experience below. Don’t forget that Evatt Youth NSW nominations are still open and can be completed through the following link.


“Last weekend Isabella and I competed in Evatt Youth NSW, a debating and diplomacy competition that operates like a mock UN. The Evatt program aims to develop public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, and diplomatic skills, to allow young Australians like us to understand our place in the global political landscape. Isabella and I were the honourable delegates from Ethiopia and immediately began researching  Ethiopia’s stance on the topics of ‘Fake News’ and ‘Bioengineering for the Military’. We also had to answer a third, mystery resolution on the day, for which we could only hope we were ready for.

Even with all our research, nothing could have prepared us for how intense the day was. As soon as the session started, we witnessed a situation as close to the real UN as possible, complete with alliances, strategic amendments and one very pushy Russian team! As the day went on, we got more used to the format of the day – we had to debate the resolution, put forward amendments and discuss them, before deciding whether to pass the resolution or not. Our confidence grew throughout the morning and by the time the resolution for ‘Refugees in Libya’ was announced, we were able to put forward some powerful amendments and ultimately pass the resolution.

Despite only spending a few hours at the competition, we both felt we had gained a new understanding of the diplomatic sphere and a renewed respect for those who make it their goal to negotiate for peace. The day was an incredible experience and we cannot thank the school enough for giving us this opportunity and we both highly recommend Evatt Youth NSW to any student who has a passion for global issues or public speaking.

Isabella Mincher and Tamsyn Coetzee, Year 11 students


For further information on Oratory, please contact me via email.


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator