To Frances O’Brien (Year 7) and Stephanie Sardinha (Year 12) who both placed first in their respective divisions at the CSDA Public Speaking Grand Final. This was an incredible achievement for both students. Well done, ladies.

To Charlotte Ainsworth (Year 12) who attended the Australian Constitutional Convention in Canberra this week as a representative of NSW. Charlotte was afforded the opportunity to discuss Section 44 of the Australian Government with other selected peers and key members of government. On Thursday evening she attended a dinner at the High Court of Australia with  His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth Of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove. Charlotte will share her experiences in a future newsletter.

To the students involved in Rostrum Voice of Youth last week. All students were prepared and delivered exceptional speeches.

To the students involved in Round One of Mock Trial for 2018. Loreto Normanhurst had a convincing win against Normanhurst Boys at 270-246. The team members this round were from Year 11: Romy Schneider-Smith, Arta Bayatpour, Swetha Kumar, Breanna Ivankovic and Hannah John.

Visit from the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations for 2018

On Tuesday 20 March, Mr Amos Washington, the Australian Youth Representative to the UN, met with Loreto Normanhurst students from Years 9-12 to discuss: “What would Australia look like if young people had a greater say?”

Mr Washington began the consultation explaining that young Australians have a crucial role to play in decision making, that youth perspectives are important and should be valued, and as future leaders and change makers, it’s crucial to provide as many opportunities as possible for young people to have their say.

Students  had the opportunity to discuss, consider and collaborate about the concerns, ideas and vision for Australia’s future. The girls rose to the challenge, thinking laterally and offering insightful observations. It was an incredible experience for our students and Mr Washington commented on how articulately students presented their concerns and, more importantly, suggested realistic and achievable solutions.

Mr Washington will collate his data and present his findings to both the UN and the Australian Government in September. The results will also be relayed back to the communities consulted. We hope to host Mr Washington again later in the year to allow him to spend time with our boarder community.

Please take time to read the reflection below:

“On Tuesday afternoon, a group of students from Years 9-12 were lucky enough to engage in conversation and activities with the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, Amos Washington. Throughout 2018, Mr Washington will travel around Australia and connect with a diverse range of young Australians living in many different circumstances and will collect data on the youth vision for our country.

The afternoon began with a spectrum activity in which Mr Washington asked a series of statements about Australian politics, issues and youth-related topics, and we had to rate our opinions from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Continuing on, we broke into groups and identified issues that we believed affected youth in Australia, from Indigenous incarceration rates to domestic violence and stereotyping of young girls. Based on these issues, we then discussed the notion that if we had all the money and power in the world, how would we solve them? The issues we looked at closely were the struggles that Indigenous Australians face, the environment, and the misrepresentation of minority groups.

As a whole, this experience allowed us to really feel like our opinions and ideas were being valued. Young people often feel a lot of instability in the political landscape and feel as though their opinions don’t matter, so our time with Mr Washington was extremely beneficial and satisfying.

Our gratitude goes out to the United Nations and to Amos Washington, and we hope that his endeavours this year are valued and effective for Australian society and its future.”

Antonia Tassel, Year 11

Coaches and adjudicators

We are inviting ex-students and parents to be a part of the Oratory@LN team in 2018. We are looking for coaches and adjudicators and no experience is necessary, just simply an interest in all things oratory. You will need a Working with Children number.

If you are interested, please contact the oratory team via oratory@loretonh.nsw.edu.au

For further information, please refer to the Oratory@LN Handbook and or contact us at oratory@loretonh.nsw.edu.au


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator